Pink Parcel – May 2015

I never thought i’d find myself looking forward to that time of the month, but when an email arrives alerting my that my Pink Parcel has been dispatched I rub my hands with glee.

The Pink Parcel is a subscription service that reliably delivers your monthly sanitary essentials along with a box of lovely treats for just £9.99 inclusive of postage. If you, like me, are prone to forgetting to pick up those necessary tampons when you go grocery shopping this is the service for you – it takes the worry out of remembering if you have an adequate supply to see you through your period, plus it gives you some goodies to enjoy.

So what gems are hidden inside May’s box?


First we have L’Occitane Immortalle Essential Water (50ml, value £4.50) – This is an alcohol-free toner, enriched with immortelle floral water, that along with helping remove any grease or makeup left after cleansing, but also refreshes, softens, and helps to firm the skin. I’m a big L’Occitane fan so i’m very happy to see it feature this month.

Next up is the Anatomicals Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask (Value £4) – With balancing rose flower extract and soothing aloe vera this cloth mask will leave your skin flawless and radiant, with not a hint of dryness or flakiness. I love sheet masks so i’m looking forward to having a pamper using this!

The final beauty item this month is a Richard Ward Wheat Nutrient Mask (75ml, value £12) – an intense hair mask that utilizes wheat protein and hydrolysed silk protein to smooth frizzy hair and leave it silky soft and manageable.


In addition to this month’s fabulous beauty treats we have a delicious bar of Montezuma’s Organic Butterscotch Chocolate, a sachet of Fudge Kitchen Drinking Fudge and a lovely Lemon & Lime Mojito Scent Melt from Flamingo Candles.

In addition to the beauty products each box contains 25 tampons (or sanitary towels if that is your preference) tucked into a neat little drawstring bag, and Pink Parcel allows you to choose from a selection of well known brands as well as selecting when and how long your cycle is. This month i’m trying Kotex tampons which are brand new to Pink Parcel.


So that is the May line-up and what a cracker it is. For £9.99 per month (or £5.95 for your first month) including postage this box is fantastic value. Let Mother Nature throw her worst at you, with Pink Parcel on your side you can be sure you’ll be prepared and feel great! You can sign up to Pink Parcel or find out more at

I’d really love to hear what you think of Pink Parcel or the line-up this month so please do leave a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – May 2015

  1. Ursula says:

    OMG…feminine supplies + beauty items + chocolate + scented candle!! Sounds like a nice survival packet to me!! 🙂

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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