Bloggers Snail Mail – Spring 2015

One of the best things about blogging is meeting other Bloggers and sharing experiences. Networking via events and Twitter chats is one way of meeting fellow bloggers, but Blogger Swaps are also a fun way.

Gemma James of Lipstick and Lashes organises the Bloggers Snail Mail; a swap where you are paired with another blogger and encouraged to spend a month chatting and getting to know each other before exchanging a small meaningful gift with a budget of £5. I have taken part in the swap twice before, first with Sofiia (post here) and secondly with American Blogger Sara (see post here). This time I was paired up with Zee who blogs at GlitZeeGlam and we were surprised to learn we lived in neighbouring towns. I loved chatting to her via email and reading her blog and she sent me the loveliest, thoughtful gift which I’m sharing today.


First up is a lovely tote bag and chocolates. I love these totes, they’re so great for taking shopping or the beach and this one also has my initial printed on it which is fabulous. Of course chocolates are pretty self-explanatory but suffice to say as a chocoholic any gift containing them gets the instant thumbs up!


Next up is a cute plaque and mug. I love the inspirational quote on the plaque, it’s such a great message, and it will take pride of place by my bedside table so that if ever I wake up in a bad mood i’ll remember to shine (I may also sneak it into the background of the odd blog photo). The mug is also destined to be my Blogger’s mug and I shall make sure that whenever I sit down to blog I have a nice cup of tea too!


Last but not least are two more Blogger’s essentials; a pretty organiser and candle. I love candles but tend only to burn them in the evening. I think I’ll try lighting this during the day to create a beautifully scented atmosphere in which to blog!

I really enjoyed exchanging emails with Zee and I hope to remain in touch and possibly meet up for coffee, cake and maybe a spot of retail therapy! If you want to make a new blogging friend then I’d definitely recommend taking part in a blog swap and if you keep an eye out on Gemma’s blog I do believe she will be planning a Summer round of the Bloggers Snail Mail soon!

You can also read Zee’s post about the Bloggers Snail Mail here.

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8 thoughts on “Bloggers Snail Mail – Spring 2015

  1. MaggieMayQ says:

    I like it, great way of getting to know others and discovering new blogs! I’ll definitely check it out. Unfortunately £5 budget wouldn’t go far in Norway.

  2. Ursula says:

    Wow, that is awesome idea because we may know alot of folks but to spend some “quality time” with a blogger for a month or any time period is great!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    • Helen says:

      It’s brilliant – and I love that it’s only a £5 budget as it makes you really think about it and also focus on the process of getting to know each other instread of the gift. Some other swaps I’ve seen have massive budgets which seem a bit extravagant!

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