Lush May Day

To raise awareness of badger culls going on across the UK Lush has teamed up with Save Me Trust and developed a new May Day bath bomb. With elections on everyone’s mind this was the perfect timing to highlight the plight of this most peaceful of native animals and also call for people to consider the Partys’ stances on animal rights and issues when casting their votes.


The Save Me Trust was founded by Dr. Brian May and encompasses many aspects of wildlife conservation, protection and rescue. Brian set up the trust and has not taken a back seat. He is an active campaigner, as well as fighting against fox hunting and rescuing wildlife, he is also at the forefront of our campaign at the moment against the badger cull, which Save Me believes is ineffective, inhumane, and uneconomical.

With fennel oil and antiseptic rosewood oil this cute little badger shaped bath bomb will soothe the skin and uplift your senses and its sweet, liquorice fragrance will leave you feeling calm and revived. But, and here’s the huge bonus when you buy this sweet-smelling bath bomb, is that for each one sold, all proceeds (minus VAT) will go towards the groups behind the Votes For Animals campaign giving animals a voice this election. This includes Animal Aid, The League Against Cruel Sports, and of course the aformentioned Save Me.


You can buy the May Day bath bomb im store on online at priced at £2.95!

And finally, of course it’s Election Day here in the UK so if you haven’t voted yet you still have until 10pm to read up on the candidates and head down to the polling station. Use your vote wisely.

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