Getting the Glow with Magnitone Lucid

Cleansing brushes really seem to have taken off in recent months. Yes they’ve been around for a few years, but now we have a generation of lighter, more affordable brushes springing up, with many brands getting in on the hype.

One of the bigger names in this growing market is Magnitone who have taken the cleansing brush and transformed it into a travel-friendly, easy to use, everyday essential. So confident are they in their Magnitone Lucid they are setting the challenge to “get the glow in 7 days” and I was lucky enough to be sent one to put to the test. So read on to discover more about this product, and find out if it transformed my skincare routine!



Magnitone Lucid (RRP £69.99)* is powered by Active Electromagnetic Technology™ – simply put enhanced electromagnetic pulsations that send rapid vibrations into skin. This helps dislodge any dirt and oil that is trapped deep down in the pores, as well as sweeping away dry and dead skin cells, in turn helping to maintain a clearer complexion. Add to that the 10,000 oscillations per minute and the Magnitone truely offers a much more effective cleansing and exfoliation action than regular hand washing. With regular use the Magnitone enhances the absorption of your regular cleansers, moisturisers and tanning products.

If you’re wondering how a cleansing brush can be suitable for more sensitive skin, or if it’s possible to over-exfoliate, never fear, Magnitone have also considered these concerns and with two modes – Deep Clean or Sensitive – the Magnitone Lucid provides a soft and gentle cleanse for all skin types, even the most dry and delicate skin, whilst a 20 second zonal timer and 1 minute auto-stop function gently reminds you to move onto another area of the face, ensuring an even cleanse and preventing over-exfoliation of the skin.

Thanks to its wireless travel charger Magnitone Lucid is easy to use on the go and each charge lasts approxiately 2-3 weeks, so whether it’s just a romantic weekend away or a fortnight’s holiday with the girls your Magnitone can join you. The fully waterproof body means it can even be used in the bath or shower, basically wherever is most convenient for you.


I must admit to being apprehensive on my first use; the idea of having this very fast moving cleansing brush touch my skin was alien to me and at first it felt a little strange. I soon settled into using it however, reassured by the timer and the gentle brush, and afterwards my skin felt so good which astonished me as I only used my regular facial wash and hadn’t switched up my skincare. Within the week my skin was brighter and softer, my skincare absorbed better and when I wore makeup it applied so much better and looked more flawless.

Magnitone promises that with the Magitone Lucid you will see softer, brighter and clearer skin in just 7 days to give you the perfect canvas for applying your make up or even go make-up free! I sniggered at the last suggestion; don’t get me wrong I do go makeup free but only really when I’m ill or i’m on the morning school run and I look shocking. Amazingly after introducing Magnitone into my skincare routine and probably for the first time in what feels like forever I went a full day, including shopping, Yoga class, and a two hour meeting, completely makeup free. Nada. And I didn’t look like death warmed up! I’m a definite convert to the cleansing brush now and can say the hype surrounding them is completely justified!

Right now you can buy a Magnitone Lucid with £20 off the retail price of £70 via The Libbie Club where you can choose from Aqua Green, Plush Pink, Dazzling Blue or Sunshine Yellow; they’ll even throw in UK shipping for free (offer valid until 30th June or while stocks last)!

Let me know if you’ve got the glow by using a cleansing brush!

*PR Sample

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