Nails Inc Gel Effect – Hyde Park Place

Nails Inc Gel Effect nail polish is designed to provide a self-plumping, long-wearing and high shine finish without the need for a UV lamp or expensive salon manicure. Formulated with cutting edge plasticiser technology the polish offers a “gloss finish like you’ve never experienced before” and of course I had to immediately test out this claim when I recieved one of the polishes in the Heart Beauty Essentials beauty box.


Hyde Park Place is a lovely soft gray which would flatter most skin tones and with quite a broad brush it is really easy to apply. I applied two coats on the top of my regular base coat and was impressed by the coverage and speed at which it dried.

As you can see from my photograph below, even without a top coat the polish is very glossy and incredibly smooth, however I didn’t really feel there was a noticeable plumping effect, and to be honest other than the high-shine I’m not sure what really sets this apart from a regular polish. That said I do love the colour and finish, even if the gel effect isn’t quite what I imagined.


Nails Inc Gel Effect polishes retail at £14 each, however if you’ve seen my previous post this polish is included in the Heart Beauty Essentials box which is currently on sale, meaning you can get this polish plus a whole host of beauty treats for £15!

What do you think of Gel Effect polishes? Do you think they compare to the salon treatment?

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6 thoughts on “Nails Inc Gel Effect – Hyde Park Place

  1. MaggieMayQ says:

    I have never had a proper gel-nail-treatment-thingy. So I kind off like the polish I bought a pack with 5 or 6 small ones – the bruises were totally useless. But I have a full size in Porchester Square, it’s purple-grey and this one I do like 🙂

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