W7 Wild Lash Mascara

I was recently away visiting family when I realised the mascara I had in my travel makeup bag had dried out. Cue a mad dash to the nearest shop, which was a discount retailer, to pick up a cheap mascara to last me the weekend.

The retailer carried a few non-descript brands which I duly passed over, but as my eyes skimmed the shelves I noticed a W7 mascara. Having been impressed with products from this budget friendly brand before I decided to grab this mascara and give it a whirl. At worst it only cost me £1!



W7 Wild Lash Lengthening Mascara (RRP £4.95) promises that it is “perfect for those who love super long length without those pesky clumps or flakes” and packaged in a sturdy pink curved tube it is a product that looks good enough and sits comfortably in the hand. The wand is slim with short bristles, which I like as it makes it easy to coat the smaller lashes, and has a slight hour-glass shape.

The formula is very thin and requires a few coats to really give any impact, however it is blackest-black and true to the claims doesn’t clump, but seperates each and every lash. The look you achieve is delicate, longer lashes; perfect for a daytime or slightly pared down evening look. This is also a mascara that stays put and much like my Benefit They’re Real mascara took some removing at the end of the evening.

Do I think this is a great mascara? Well if it’s plenty of oomph you’re aiming for no, but it isn’t bad either. With a lot of drugstore brand mascaras retailing at upwards of £6 these days if you’re on a budget and you can find this one on offer as I did it’s a pretty decent buy.

Do you have a favourite budget mascara?

Visit www.w7cosmetics.co.uk to see more from this purse-friendly brand!

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