Trouble-Shooting Skin Concerns

Most, if not all, of us have at least one niggling skincare concern; that one thing that stops us wearing a bikini or that makes us self-conscious on the beach. Finding a product that claims to address a particular problem is easy, with hundreds of lotions and potions on the market, but finding that one product that really does what it says on the tin can prove difficult. As a mum I have gained the odd scar and stretchmark along the way so I thought I’d bare all and let my readers know what products I’ve found that have helped trouble shoot my skin concerns.


Great For Stretchmarks
I’m not going to beat around the bush here; no product can completely eradicate stretchmarks but there are some out there that, by keeping the skin nourished and hydrated, will help both prevent them and lessen their appearance. With the aid of Rosehip, Wheatgerm and Borage oils Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil (120ml, RRP £27) from Mama Mio is pretty darn good at helping keep the skin supple and in shape as your body changes both during and post pregnancy and I definitely have to credit it for keeping my stretchmarks to a minimum during my pregnancy. I still use it every now and then to keep my thighs and tummy moisturised as it is so incredibly nourishing and leaves my skin feeling great.

Available at


Great For Cellulite
Again I have to stress that your diet and genetics play a huge part in whether cellulite is an issue which plagues you, but that’s not to say a product can’t help. I seem to be prone to cellulite as soon as my weight changes slightly and I’ve found Bliss FatGirlSlim (170ml, RRP £29.50) goes some way to improve my dimpled thighs; tightening and creating a smoother look. It’s also lovely to use with an invigorating scent and slightly cooling effect.

Available at


Great For Scars
I had a C Section birth with my daughter and almost 4 years on my scar is still very noticeable. Using InstaNatural’s all natural Advanced Repair Scar Gel (30ml, £22.95)* containing EGF, Sea Kelp Bioferment and Green Tea twice daily for the past few weeks however has really taken down the redness and smoothed the scar noticeably. Although my scar will never vanish I do feel much less self-concious about it, and it also feels less sensitive to the touch too.

Available at


Best For Healing
Whether it’s a cut, graze, bite or even a new tattoo, we all want something that will aid healing. When I heard of Gwdihw Propolis First Aid Balm (25g, £4.49) I was a little dubious as it contained Petroleum Jelly, an ingredient I’d always steered clear of. Since looking into Petroleum Jelly however I’ve discovered it acts as a barrier to keep dirt out and moisture in, and combined with Propolis really helps in the healing process. I’ve used this on numerous cuts and grazes and found they heal within days, and it is fantastic for soothing insect bites and bruises too. The tin is a great size for slipping into your handbag so the balm is always to hand.

Available at

So those are the products that have worked for me, but I’d really love to hear from you! Have you discovered any products that have really helped you with a particular skin concern? Do leave your comments below – I read each and every one.

*PR Sample

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2 thoughts on “Trouble-Shooting Skin Concerns

  1. prettypinkpossum<3 says:

    Great post i think i might have to invest in some of these products!!
    P.S ive tagged you in the Love & Hate Tag, you don’t have to do it but i thought id nominate you id be interested in seeing your answers :)

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