Faking It With TanTruth

We are gaining more and more knowledge about how dangerous and damaging to the skin the ultraviolet rays found in sunlight are, and with sun cancers on the increase people are beginning to shun the sunbed and get their tan out of a bottle instead. Although I love the feel of the sun on my skin and the sunkissed glow only a tan provides I won’t risk my long-term health, nor do I want to age prematurely, so I always wear a minimum SPF15 and as for my tan I fake it.

Fake tan has definitely become more sophisticated in recent years; gone is the orange look, replaced by tanners that self-adjust to the individual’s skin tone, the stereotypical fake tan has vanished from many, and there are so many formulas to chose from including mousses, lotions and even oils. From the palest skintones to the driest skins there is a tanner for everyone, but if you’re still a little nervous then the product i’m featuring today is one for you.


TanTruth The Secret Daily Gradual Fake Tan (250ml, £6.79)* is a luxurious body moisturiser with just a hint of TanTruth dual tanning agent and it will give you a gentle, natural looking glow that if used daily will build into a more noticable tan. This product is a great option for self-tan novices or those who just want a gradual tan that you can build up as desired, and is also perfect in Winter when you still desire that sunkissed glow but one that is more natural.

The formula is akin to a body milk and containing Hydrolysed Silk, Avocado and Shea Butter is incredibly hydrating, which is great especially if you’ve a dry skin like mine as the tan won’t cling to and accentuate dry patches and there is of course no need to use a seperate moisturiser. It is absorbed fairly quickly too, yet leaves the skin with a lovely sheen. I tried out the tan using both my hands and a mitt to apply and I found that both methods resulted in a streak-free finish. My personal preference however when applying a tan is always to use a mitt as it helps stop your palms from absorbing the tan and turning orange.


Considering this is just a gradual tan I found the resultant tan after one application to be just right if you like a fairly subtle glow; even though I already had a natural tan before use there was a noticeable colour difference but it was still very natural looking. If you prefer a more intense tan you can continue to apply this daily or to keep your colour topped up just once or twice a week. I did feel that this tanner had more of a typical fake tan smell than some other brands I’ve used, but to be honest it’s not a smell that I find particularly off-putting and it certainly isn’t a deal breaker.


To maintain your tan you also have TanTruth The Prolonger Tan Enhancing Moisturiser (250ml, £6.99)* which contains Shea Butter and Avocado to nourish and hydrate the skin, thereby helping to prolong your tan when used daily. This is a little thicker than the tanning lotion, but is still fairly light and feels very moisturising. This is great used of an evening and in between tanning treatments to prolong your glow and keep the skin in tip-top condition.

All the TanTruth formulas benefit from Silhouette Refiner technology which aims to improve the appearance of the skin by increasing firmess and elasticity. In addition they are paraben, alcohol and mineral oil free.

For the price these are fantastic products and are a much better bet than risking your health pursuing a real tan. The only issue some people may find is the slight fake tan smell that lingers after use, but for me this is only a slight negative and is far outweighed by the ease of use and the lovely, natural tan achieved by using this product.

The full range of TanTruth salon professional products are available from Sally’s stores and online at www.sallyexpress.com

*PR Sample

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