The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Round Blow Dry Brush

The Lob – long bob – is the hair style of the moment. All the celebrities are opting for the chop, or ditching their extensions, in favour of this ultra chic, versatile style. I have a Lob by default; i’m growing out a crop and after 6 agonising months it’s finally reached chin length, but as I’ve discovered it’s not the most low maintenance of styles.

Whilst I could get away with lazily blasting my pixie crop with a hairdryer and using my fingers to give it volume and texture the Lob is much more demanding. My hair has an annoying tendency to flick out at the ends, especially if I let it dry naturally, so unless I’m going for the Miss Hoolie look (if you’re not a parent or regular viewer of CBeebies you’ll have to Google her) I have to carefully blow dry it using the right brushes.


The Vintage Cosmetic Company Round Blow Dry Brush (RRP £13.50)* is a definite must for sleek, well behaved hair and has saved me from many potential bad-hair days. Using this brush to finish off your blow dry will result in smooth, frizz-free hair that is full of long lasting volume and shape. I’m not the most accomplished person when it comes to styling my hair but even I manage to get a finish that comes as close as I’ll ever get to a salon blow-dry!

The brush has a soft touch handle and is fairly lightweight, which makes blow drying your hair really easy and comfortable. On the back of the beautiful floral print box are some top tips to ensure you achieve the perfect blow dry. The mix of baby blue and cream give a vintage feel to this professional styling brush and it looks great adorning your dressing table top. Once again The Vintage Cosmetic Company proves you don’t need to compromise on looks to get professional quality beauty tools.


The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a British brand specialising in affordable, professional quality, supremely pretty beauty tools and accessories, including the fabulous makeup brushes I reviewed here. They take their inspiration from the glamour and femininity of 1950’s and repackage it into a range of bang up-to-date, high performance products.

You can find out more at

Have you tried anything from The Vintage Cosmetic Company before? How do you achieve the perfect blow dry? I’d love to hear if you have any tips!

*PR Sample

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6 thoughts on “The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Round Blow Dry Brush

  1. gcerix says:

    I hate blow drying my hair, because it always goes so frizzy, think I’ll be checking this brush out! Thanks for the great post, very helpful! x

  2. glamwithsam says:

    I’ll have to try these out, I am in the hair industry and I love lightweight brushes. I have serious carpel tunnel from blow drying all day long. Maybe something more lightweight will ease up on my wrist. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Helen says:

      I’d never thought of that being a risk of hairdressing but makes sense, I imagine these professional hairdryers can be heavy too. I sometimes used to get RSI in my old office job from using the mouse so much!

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