You Beauty Discovery – June 2015 Review

My latest You Beauty Discovery goodies landed a couple of days ago. Unlike the other beauty boxes I subscribe to the contents of this monthly box aren’t a surprise as you choose the contents from a shortlist, but nevertheless it’s always exciting when the courier arrives armed with the familar looking parcel!


With the theme of Beauty Heroes this month’s You Beauty Discovery line-up offers something for every beauty connoisseur; from indulgent body butters from Sanctuary Spa and high-end skincare from NUDE, Yin Yang and Exuviance, to luxury makeup items from Calvin Klein and Crownbrush. I opted for two products that I hope will both help me achieve the perfect complexion.


First up is a 10g sample Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish (value £7) which utilises a unique blend of physical, chemical and enzyme exfoliators to gently buff away and lift off dirt and dead skin cells. With just one application, this intensive exfoliating treatment containing pure professional grade crystals, papaya enzyme and 10% glycolic acid helps to dissolve impurities that contribute to congested pores, and loosen dead skin cells, and finally polishes skin to reveal a glowing, younger looking, blemish free complexion.

My next product is the Crownbrush C436 Mini Duo Fibre Blender Brush (full size £7.39). This is the latest addition to the Duo Fibre range, and has a slightly shorter head which is excellent for blending foundation and concealer, particularly in awkward areas like around the nose. The fibres are a mixture of goat hair and synthetic hair, and are extremely soft.


As a bonus each box also includes Good to Go Anywhere Handy Trio Pack containing a sanitising wet wipe, absorbent dry tissue and a cleansing wet wipe, two Clipper Tea Fairtrade Organic teabags and a 35g bag of Urban Fruit in Smashing Strawberry.

Excluding the samples this box has a value of around £15, which isn’t the highest value box I’ve had from You Beauty Discovery, but considering my subscription costs just £6.95 including postage it’s still good value and a lovely treat to receive each month!

The full June selection, still available on the You Beauty Discovery website, includes the following; Sanctuary Spa Body Butter (50ml), INIKA Certified Organic Pure Primer (10ml), NUDE Skincare ProGenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil (5ml), Yin Yang Skincare pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion (10ml), Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish (10g), Crownbrush C436 Mini Duo Fibre Blender Brush (full size) Amie Skincare Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash & Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser (10ml each), Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick (full size), and Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel (30ml).

What did you choose this month?

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5 thoughts on “You Beauty Discovery – June 2015 Review

  1. gsymoo says:

    Mine also arrived this morning. I chose the brush (I needed to get a foundation brush) and the pure primer. I love the brush, its very soft. I do think this box is excellent value for money.

    I know some people cancel YBD if there’s nothing they like the sound of, but given some of the awful stuff I’ve had in some boxes you’d be happy with any of those items.

    • Helen says:

      The primer or NUDE rescue oil were my other possible choices – you’ll have to let me know what the primer is like! At just £6.95 I think you can always find something in the line-up worth having so I’ve never skipped a month. X

  2. Paula says:

    I chose exactly the same items as you. The brush is fantastic. I’m using it to apply my Clinique Chubbystick Blush Balm and it works superb. The face polish is brilliant. The extras, for me, were good this month and handy. I don’t like flavoured teas but my sister was in the wing for these – a happy recipient. Compared to some of my other boxes from elsewhere this was a great box for me for the price.

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