Slendershake Review

I’ve been on a mission this year to drop a few pounds and tone up and a few of months ago I tried the Slendertoxtea Detox Tea. Combined with healthy eating and exercise I was impressed by the results it yielded so when I had the opportunity to try the company’s other product, the Slendershake, I was very excited to give it a whirl.


Unlike the tea which you drink in addition to meals Slendershake (14 day programme, £21.99)* is a fairly traditional meal replacement type product, designed to drink once a day in place of one of your meals. Containing carbohydrates, essential fats, fibre and proven weight loss ingredients it promises to increase your metabolism, aid your fat loss goals and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

My personal difficulty with this type of product is that I love food; as a mum I think it’s important to sit down with my daughter and enjoy meals together, so the idea of replacing a meal with just a drink is something I really struggled with and I did find it a challenge. I will readily admit to falling off the wagon mid-programme too because it was half term and we had a few family day-trips, but I did get back into the saddle again and complete the 14 day programme. So what is my verdict?


Slendershake is very easy to make up; simply take a 5g scoop of the Slendershake mix using the provided measuring scoop then 100-150ml of water or low fat milk and mix well (you can add fruit, low fat yoghurt or extra sweetner as desired). I was expecting Slendershake to have a milkshake consistency but in actual fact once made up the resulting “shake” is more like a thick, fruit flavoured juice. You then drink the shake once a day in place of either your breakfast or lunch. Although the shake tasted nice I didn’t find it particularly filling, despite claims that it would be, and quite soon after I was still hungry which was a little disappointing. Willpower was definitely required to keep me raiding the fridge for something to quieten the hunger pangs.

Unlike the Slendertoxtea programme I didn’t really experience any noticable weightloss or inch loss after trying Slendershake, however I know I wasn’t as strict as I should’ve been. I was expecting to find skipping a meal easier with a Slendershake but disappointingly I think I would have been equally hungry if I’d just had a juice or glass of water instead of the shake. It simply didn’t give me that satiated feeling I needed to stop food cravings and mid morning hunger pangs.

If you can exercise more willpower than I clearly could and have a lifestyle into which this product would easily slot then Slendershake would be a great product to try for shifting a couple of stubborn pounds. For me however the Slendertoxtea is infinitely the better option because it still allows me to enjoy meals with my family.

Slendershake is avaliable in a 14 day and a 28 day programme at

Have you tried a similar weightloss programme? How did you get on?

*PR Sample

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4 thoughts on “Slendershake Review

  1. becomingbeautifultoday says:

    I’ve used the Celebrity Slim shakes, Herbalife and Atkins shakes. Celebrity Slim made me feel sick and tasted like chemicals. Although i did lose 5kg in 2 weeks. Herbalife was the worst. Tasted horrible and made me feel so sick I was bed ridden. Only lasted 2 days on them. The Atkins shakes were by far the best. They didn’t make me feel sick, and tasted much better than I expected. Although I didn’t see any profound results.

  2. Ursula says:

    I used a chocolate shake from Complete Nutrition last year for about a month but the shake was the cost $30 gas plus NO CARBS!! It was easy to skip a breakfast or lunch and drink it for a healthy snack and I did lose a few pounds!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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