Wet Shave Club Review

The male grooming industry has really exploded, with more men than ever before growing and styling what seems to be must-have facial hair, whether it’s the perfectly waxed ‘tache or oiled beard. On the other hand we ladies, whilst clamouring for the latest MAC collaboration, seem to neglect that part of grooming, opting to rid our unwanted body hair with blunt disposable razors and cheap shaving foam – or maybe it’s just me?


American based company Wet Shave Club recognised the growing interest in male grooming and premium shaving products and responded with a monthly subscription box along with an online store selling shaving products. But not to leave ladies out has also launched a Ladies Box, with a few tweaks to make it suitable to our needs.

Whether it’s the male box or ladies box with Wet Shave Club you’ll enjoy a hand-picked selection of the best wet shave products and accessories available, delivered straight to your door each and every month. So without further ado let’s delve into my box and see what’s inside.


Nestled in your first box from Wet Shave Club* is a premium Wet Shave Club branded razor (RRP $29.99), a super-soft shaving brush for building a thick lather with your soap and 10 blades (RRP $2.50). The razor has a very pleasing weight to it and is very comfortable to use. I found it cut through the hairs effortlessly and gave a much closer, snag-free shave than my usual cheap plastic disposables. With its chrome coloured head and pink handle it also looks fabulous too and kind of has that retro vibe which is very current right now.

The brush this month is from Satin Tip (RRP $49.99) and rather than using badger hair is made of a high-quality synthetic bristles. Using a brush combined with a shaving soap really helps to lift the hair whilst also producing a lovely thick lather and this one is fantasic quality, with no shedding, a very plush, domed head and a comfortable, well-balanced handle.


Next up is two luxurious shaving soaps (scents and brands vary each month), and a body souffle to keep your skin smooth and hydrated post-shave. The soaps this month are from The Stirling Soap Co and they are in two scents; Black Cherry and Strawberry Bubbly (RRP $2.50 each). Containing almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil and lanolin they produce a luxuriously thick, nourishing lather that, unlike the traditional shaving foam I normally use, doesn’t dry out my skin. They also smell gorgeous. I did notice that these particular soaps contain Beef Tallow so aren’t suitable for vegetarian or vegan customers, although the friendly folk over at Wet Shave Club assure me that the majority of their soaps would be suitable, and that they could offer an alternative should customers require this.

Finally once you’ve tackled the hair the final step is applying the Whoos Soap Strawberry Citrus Body Frosting (RRP $10) which is an all-natural, handmade moisturising packed full of nourishing, skin-friendly ingredients that help hydrate and seal in the smoothness. Again this smells delicious and a little goes a long way.


I must admit when I first opened up my box I was a little overwhelmed and unsure where to start. However once I read the instruction card that Wet Shave Club helpfully include and assembled my razor the actual shave was effortless and took pretty much the same time as using my disposable razor, but with a far more superior result. I definitely won’t be going back to those cheap disposables!

A rolling monthly subscription to the service costs $29 (approx £18.50) per month with free shipping within the US (international shipping is $13.99 or £8.90) or you can select a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription and pay a little less per box.

If you’re tired of regrowth the day after shaving and want a closer, more luxurious shave I’d definitely recommend ditching the disposables and investing in a quality shaving experience such as the one Wet Shave Club offers. Vist the Wet Shave Club for more information and happy shaving!

*PR Sample

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