Budget Beauty Problem Solvers

We all have those pesky beauty problems we want to solve, but with most of us don’t have a champagne budget and want effective products that won’t break the bank.


I used to run a mile at that word cheap – probably because when I was younger cheap generally meant poor quality – but nowadays that isn’t the case. High-tech, high quality ingredients that were once only found in expensive beauty products are now found in ones you can pick up for just a few pounds. With budget brands following the higher-end market more closely and jumping on new technologies and ingredients customers can have the experience of premium beauty treatments with a much more affordable price tag. Three such products feature in todays blog post, and not only do they feature buzz ingredients that are raved about in beauty circles, but they also solve universal beauty problems.


Spots and Breakouts
Most people will get the odd breakout from time to time and when they do it can be all too tempting to reach for a harsh product or stop moisturising altogether, but this can make the situation worse. Instead switch to a light cream like T Zone Refreshing & Hydrating Gel Cream (50ml, £3.99)* which is soothing, cooling and hydrating. This contains Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid to blitz those blemishes and leave a clearer complexion, while Hyaluronic Acid provides intensive, non-greasy hydration. The perfect combination when your skin is misbehaving and an ideal moisturiser for oily skins.


Tired Eyes and Crows Feet
Syn-Ake is an advanced neuropeptide, designed to mimic the effects of the Temple Viper Venom and effectively freeze wrinkles. It originally hit headlines when Rodial released their eyewateringly expensive Snake range but now it’s trickled down into the high street where it can be found in the Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Eye Cream (15ml, £3.99)*. Fortunately I don’t have wrinkles but this is still a lovely light, refreshing eye cream that really brightens my eye area and is a real steal compared to its higher-end counterparts.


Dry, Damaged Hair
It’s holiday season and that time of year when hair is subjected to the stresses of sun, sea and heat. Taming your tresses and limiting the damage is essential and one of the most talked about products for hydrating and repairing stressed out hair is coconut oil. After hearing all the hype I tried pure coconut oil on my hair but it wasn’t for me, much better I find is a specific hair oil such as Natural World Coconut Water Hair Oil (25ml, £3.49)* which also contains that other magical ingredient Argan Oil. Together these oils add shine and vital nutrients to dull, thirsty hair, without weighing it down and really work to tame any frizz. Best of all the price won’t dent the holiday fund too much.

You can explore all these products and many more at Beauty and the Bunch

Do you have any budget beauty favourites? If so I’d love to hear what they are!

*PR Sample

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3 thoughts on “Budget Beauty Problem Solvers

  1. Ursula says:

    My go to beauty budget item is Ponds facial cream esp. when I in between moderate brands!! I can either use the light amount for day or night! I have tried Bee venom products but I don’t know about Snake Venom…yet!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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