What’s in my Gym Bag

I love hitting the gym as much as I can, I find it the best way to boost my mood, energy levels and self confidence, but what I hate is having a gym bag weighed down with things I don’t need. So out went the numerous lip glosses, the perfume, and the vampy lipstick that’s only really suitable for a night out, and in went just the bare essentials plus a few healthy snacks to curb those post-workout hunger pangs. Read on to find out what my gym bag essentials are and why I love them!


Bodhi & Birch Siam Ginger Bath & Shower Therapy (200ml, £18.50 at Bodhi & Birch) – After my workout I want to shower with something that’s uplifting. Bodhi & Birch Siam Ginger really fits the bill with its invigorating and reviving blend of botanticals. Galangal is a warming oil with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and stimulant properties. It is great for muscle aches and fatigue. Cardamom imparts a fresh lemony fragrance that is uplifting and benefits those who are mentally and physically fatigued. Kaffir Lime Leaf is an effective cleanser; refreshing and uplifting the spirit, and easing depression, anxiety and a tired mind with its fresh lemony scent. Finally Turmeric contains curcumin which is highly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Together you have a concoction that really leaves you walking on air.

Salt of The Earth Classic Deodorant (£4.99, available at Holland & Barrett) – Free from Aluminium chloryhdrate, Alcohol, CFC’s, Propellents, Parabens, Perfumes, Triclosan and Mineral Oils found in most traditional deodorants and anti-perspirants this natural crystal deodorant leaves a thin layer of natural mineral salts on your skin, which inhibit the formation of body odour on your skin, acting as a deodorant and providing you with long lasting protection. I’ve switched to using more natural deodorants recently and no one recoils in horror after my gym session so they must be doing their job.

Mio Skincare The Activist Firming Active Body Oil (120ml, £29.50 from Mio Skincare) – This firming and strengthening body oil containing sweet almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and more acts as a superfood for dry skin and is perfect applied to slightly damp skin after showering to seal in moisture. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and omega oils it helps restore elasticity and firmness. It also sinks in quickly and smells completely gorgeous!

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm (25ml, £6.95 from Lookfantastic)* – Made from a variety of natural ingredients including fermented Pawpaw, the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya, this handy, multi-purpose balm has numerous uses making it ideal to carry around at all times. The balm also has healing properties and can be used on sun burn, skin irritations and even as a treatment for frazzled hair and split ends. I find at the gym it’s perfect for softening those callouses you get from lifting weights and keeping my lips hydrated.


Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water (£1.69 from Holland & Barrett) – You can’t move in the health and beauty industries today without someone singing the praises of coconut in all its guises, and without a doubt coconut water makes one of the most refreshing post-workout drinks.  Vita Coco is made with 100% natural and fresh coconut water, which is rich in potassium. This, along with magnesium, enhances the body’s ability to hydrate, while the natural sugars provide a much needed energy source – much more refreshing (and better tasting) than plain water!

Nakd Rubarb & Custard (99p, from Holland & Barrett) – Nakd bars taste so good you’d easily be fooled into thinking they’re laden with refined sugars and artificial flavours. But no; only fruit, finely milled nuts and natural flavourings go into every bar of delicious fruity fudginess making these the ideal guilt-free snack to satiate post-gym cravings.

Urban Fruit Snack Pack (£1, available at Ocado)* – Carrying a punnet of strawberries to gym class would be pretty cumbersome, and there’s nothing worse than finding a week-old banana lurking around in the bottom of your gym bag, so another snack that I love to carry with me is from Urban Fruit. Urban Fruit is company that takes fresh fruit pieces and slowly bakes them, turning them into sweet tasting treats that are perfect in lunch boxes, at the gym or on the move.

What’s in your gym bag? I’d love to hear what snacks and beauty products you reach for after exercise so do comment below!

*PR Sample

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