Beauty Kitchen Wonder Balm

Last year I discovered Beauty Kitchen, after featuring their amazing Grapefruit Body Souffle, and was smitten with the affordable, high quality and 100% natural skincare, so when I was approached by them to try out their Wonder Balm I jumped at the chance.



The Refresh Me Wonder Balm (10ml, £2.99)* is one of those beauty essentials that upon first glance may not be the most exciting of products but is such a complete work-horse that you can forgive it. Whether it’s chapped lips or dry elbows, this balm with soothe and hydrate with super nourishing beeswax and cocoa butter and the secret weapon Abyssinian Oil.

Packaged in a very cute and compact tin (it reminds me of a little sardine tin) this balm slips easily into your purse and makes it readily available whenever and wherever needed. The product is very creamy and smooth to the touch, and impressively just a dab softens even the driest skin. The blend of high grade Spearmint, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils makes for a refreshing yet subtle aroma – not one that lingers or outstays its welcome, but that lasts just long enough to replace that tired, jaded feeling we get from time-to-time, with a little oomph. This makes the balm an ideal choice for applying to pulse points when travelling to help revive and refresh a tired body and mind.


In addition to Refresh Me the Wonder Balm comes in five other scents; energising Wake Me, uplifting Inspire Me, comforting Love Me, relaxing Chill Me and the indulgent Spoil Me. As a huge fan of natural balms I’ll definitely be checking out a few of the other blends!

The Beauty Kitchen Wonder Balm is available to buy from Beauty Kitchen and selected Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

*PR Sample

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Kitchen Wonder Balm

  1. sarah says:

    Very very cute packaging indeed! I’m a sucker when it comes to the packaging! I do love natural balms but sometimes I find them a little difficult to work with, many don’t seem to have that extra creamy texture I’m looking for! I’ll have to check The Beauty Kitchen out!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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