National Lipstick Day with W7 Lip Paint

Apparently it’s National Lipstick Day today so as all good beauty bloggers should I’m embracing the day and celebrating by donning a brightly coloured lipstick.

Now, I suppose I shouldn’t really admit this on such a day as today but I’m not really a lipstick girl (sorry, not sorry) and I usually reach for lip gloss when doing my makeup, but these days there are some wonderful hybrid products out there that offer the vibrancy of a lipstick with the feel of a gloss. I love that these products give me the chance to achieve a bolder lip without stepping too far out of my comfort zone.


One such product is the W7 Lip Paint (RRP £4.95); a budget friendly, highly pigmented lip colour that is quite similar to the TooFaced Melted Liquid Lipstick but without the hefty price tag.

Available in 5 colours the Lip Paints are incredibly pigmented and really pack a punch. They are so smooth and easy to apply either straight from the tube or using a brush if you require more accuracy and you really don’t need to go in heavy-handed as these really do impart an intense colour with just the smallest amount of product.

The formula really is comfortable and hydrating with a high shine finish, and it also has a lovely peppermint scent / flavour courtesy of mentha arvensis oil, which not only feels refreshing but actually stimulates blood flow to the lips slightly giving an ever so subtle plumping effect. The staying power for this product is pretty impressive, but you will need to top up after eating.



L to R – Lady Luck, Girlie, Queen Of Hearts, Perfection, Naughty


All in all I’m pretty impressed with the Lip Paint. If you’re looking to experiment with bolder lip colours these are the ideal starting point and for the price you can’t go far wrong.

Visit W7 Cosmetics to see more from this purse-friendly brand!

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