Remescar Stretch Mark Cream

If you think you’re in a minority with your stretch marks think again; according to research nine out of every ten British women are affected by stretch marks, and although pregnancy is one of the most common causes, they can also be caused by growth spurts or general weight gain, affecting teenagers, young women, and even men.

My stretchmarks were gained long before my pregnancy, occurring when I put on weight around the age of 18, and although they are fairly small and, at the top of my thighs, easy to hide most of the time I have always been keen to minimise them. I’ve tried various creams along the way, mostly with little or no improvement, and had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that they were never going to really improve, so when I was offered the chance to try Remescar Stretch Mark Cream (100ml, £24.95)* I was very keen.



Remescar, which was developed by scientists in Belgium, is revolutionary scar treatment that claims to reduce the appearance of the white streaks by half in less than a month and works by covering the scar or stretch mark with a thin, invisible film of silicone. This coating protects the top layer of skin in its own healing ‘micro-environment’, sealing in moisture and helping stimulate the production of collagen, which boosts the skin’s recovery.

Similar silicone sheet treatments have been available in clinical settings before but these have tended to be both costly and unsightly to wear. Remescar is the first easy-to-apply silicone treatment that has been made available to the general public in Britain.

The treatment, which comes in an unscented cream or handy deodorant-style stick, is easy to apply and should be used twice daily for three months, although according to clinical trials visible improvement to stretch marks and scars was noticable within 28 days. Certainly I saw an improvement to my stretch marks after just a month of use, with them feeling and looking a lot smoother; in fact the silvery marks to which they have faded are now only visible under certain light and I really have to look for them to see them.


Remescar isn’t just for stretchmarks. It can be used on both existing and new scars, including those caused by minor surgery, burns, accidents and even on acne scarring. According to case studies the majority of those who used the treatment reported a reduction in the length and height of their scarring within four weeks, skin was restored to a more normal colour and texture, and sensations of burning, tingling and itching were also relieved.

Being a bit of a cynic I’m always a little dubious when I see a treatment claiming to improve stretchmarks, but I have to admit this one surprised me. I thought my 15 year old stretchmarks were way beyond help but Remescar has definitely smoothed them out and evened the skin tone. As a bonus my usually very dry thighs also feel more hydrated. This treatment definitely gets my seal of approval!

Remescar cream retails for £24.95 in selected Boots stores nationwide and online. Also available at £19.95 is a 5.4g stick version. Currently Boots are offering a third off selected Remescar products so grab them while you can!

*PR Sample

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