Snacking with Urban Fruit

We all know the importance of a healthy diet and getting our five a day, but sometimes it’s so damn hard. Life often conspires against us – like that 9 hour meeting at work – or you find you’ve had the apple, the carrots, the beans, the OJ and still you’re expected to squeeze in a fifth portion! Not to mention the fact that fruit can be, well, boring.


That’s where Urban Fruit* comes in. Their packs of gently baked fruit pieces taste so good and are included as part of your five a day. Just pure fruit pieces with no added sugars or preservatives, these are unadulterated, healthy and amazingly tasty snacks, that rather handily can be eaten just about anywhere. They really are genius!

I love throwing a pack of Urban Fruit in my gym bag to enjoy after a workout, and always keep a pack in my handbag in case of an emergency (e.g. a toddler meltdown). If you’re prone to those dreaded “not quite lunch but I need something now” cravings that usually see you buy a chocolate bar why not pop a pack of Urban Fruit in your bag or desk drawer instead?


Marvellous Mango


Perfectly Pineapple


Tremendously Tropical, Cheeky Cherry, Smashing Strawberry

So if you’re a busy mum on the school run, chained to your desk at work with only an unhealthy vending machine as a quick snack option, or you’re fed up of discovering a mushed up banana in your handbag, Urban Fruit has the answer.

Available in numerous fruit varieties and with different sized packs, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a singleton or have a family of five to feed, there is a bag that’s just the right size and will suit the pickiest of eaters.

A 35g Urban Fruit Snack Pack retails at £1 or a 90g Share Pack is £1.97, and you will find Urban Fruit on the shelves of most Asda, Tesco, Co-op, Waitrose, Ocado, Wilkinsons, and Boots stores, as well as in loads of independent retailers.

*PR Sample

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