Pink Parcel – September 2015

September’s Pink Parcel has arrived and this month sees a few tweaks to the service, which promise to iron out the minor problems and make the delivery of our monthly essentials smoother than ever.

Pink Parcel is my favourite subscription service because as well as serving up a bundle of exciting treats it also delivers those monthly sanitary essentials; you know, the ones you normally run out of and have to make a midnight dash to the chemists! This month sees a great line-up of top to toe treats, from some well known brands, and as usual was packed to the hilt, so let’s take a look inside.



First up is a handy pack of Halo Eye Make-Up Remover Wipes (RRP £1.50). These wipes are hypoallergenic and fragrance free and gently removes all make-up including waterproof mascara.

Speaking of eye makeup, our next product is a full size Bourjois Dark Kohl Mascara (RRP £7.99).  The kohl pigments in the formula give a super-black result for beautifully dramatic lashes and the unique hourglass brush coats each and every lash and ensures a clump-free look.

Next up is a full size Bubble T Cosmetics Bubbles & Tea Edition Bath & Shower Jelly (RRP £4). This bath and shower jelly is a fun and unique way to bathe. Simply scoop and rub it onto the body to produce a soft, cleansing lather that’s also paraben free.

Finally we have a full size Lipglam Natural Lip Balm (RRP £9.99) which is actually a product Pink Parcel sent us in a previous box. This 100% natural lanolin balm can be used wherever you have dry skin in need of nourishment and helps to heal and prevent chapped lips. It also makes a great cuticle balm.


As usual we have some extra treats and I’m happy to see Doisy and Dam make a comeback with a mini bar of their Date & Himalayan Pink Salt Milk Chocolate. We also have a Novus Persian Pomegranate Teabag and a very cute Silver Arrow Pendant Necklace from This Material Culture, which I was so excited to see. It’s delicate and very pretty.


Finally are those monthly essentials which are 25 tampons – sanitary towels if preferred – all tucked into a neat little Pink Parcel branded drawstring bag. But here is where this month sees a difference; in addition to the usual sanitary items which subscribers choose Pink Parcel are including a handful of panty liners and a feminine hygiene product, which could be wipes or a cleanser. This month they have included a full size SASS Intimate Purifying Cleanser (RRP £7) which has been specially created to help you feel fresh throughout the day.

Another small change to the service is that rather than dispatching parcels according to your cycle (the date of which changes each month) Pink Parcel are sending boxes monthly, with a choice of three dates. So you will either receive your box at the beginning of the month, mid month or towards the end. This ensures no-one will get a duplicate box ever, which had occasionally been the case with the old system. This is a definite improvement, making it simpler all round.

All these changes have come at a price and a Pink Parcel is now a little more expensive at £12.95 per month. However given the cost of most other subscription boxes this price is comparable and I still think it represents great value. If you are an existing subscriber you will still enjoy your box for £9.95 until the end of the year, so you can’t say fairer than that! For more information or to subscribe visit the Pink Parcel website.

Do you subscribe to Pink Parcel? If so I’d love to hear what you think to the changes they have implemented!

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2 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – September 2015

  1. gwenllianbranwen says:

    Better than previous pink parcel boxes in the past but all boxes are variable. I’ve tried the Halo Makeup Remover Pads before they are really good especially for travel/lazy days

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