Beauteque Head To Toe Bag – Aloe

Every month Korean beauty experts Beauteque release a new limited edition bag in their Head-To-Toe series. This is not a subscription, but a one-off purchase, and each bag is curated around a specific theme. June’s theme was Aloe, and the bag featured a number of products featuring this skin-friendly ingredient.

Although we are now in September, I was very kindly sent this bag to feature on my blog and I was really excited. I love aloe-based skincare and, even though Summer is a distant memory, as we rapidly move towards the colder months aloe is still a great ingredient as it helps protect skin against those harsh winter winds and drying central heating.


Aloe has hydrating and cooling properties and is rich in Vitamin E, A, C and B making it the perfect ingredient to moisturise, protect, heal and refresh. The Aloe Head to Toe Bag ($29 – approx £18.80)* features a plethora of products which contain this wonderful, natural ingredient including moisturisers, mists and sheet masks. Lets take a delve inside and have a closer look at the contents.


First out of the bag are two aloe-based sheet masks – 3W Fresh Aloe Sheet Mask (RRP $1) and Tosowoong Pure Aloe Sheet Mask (RRP$2). I love sheet masks and these Aloe ones are particularly amazing for soothing your skin after exposure to sun. The masks are very cooling and hydrating, literally dripping with essence, but if you want even more of a refreshing skincare treat pop them in the fridge before use. These sheet masks plump out the skin, reducing fine lines and making the complexion glow with health.

I love it my beauty boxes include beauty tools or lifestyle products so I was really happy to see Beauteaque including a Silicon Massage Pad (RRP $1). Silicon massage pads are used to provide a very gentle yet deep cleanse. Combined with your usual foaming cleanser the soft silicon bristles of the massage pad get into hard to reach places and help remove excess dirt and oil from deep within the pores.


Next up we have the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Body Cream (RRP $11) – This 90% Aloe body lotion will soothe and protect the skin from irritation while leaving dry skin soft and deeply hydrated. I have very dry skin so I love to slather myself in a really creamy body lotion, and this one doesn’t disappoint. It feels cooling and soothing, and despite its rich texture absorbs well leaving my skin really supple.

Moving on we have a very useful multipurpose product in the form of the It’s Skin Aloe Soothing Gel (RRP $7). Aloe Gel can be used for so many things skincare-wise, from soothing sunburn to preventing irritation after shaving, so it really is a great all-rounder to have on hand! It’s also a fantastic product for the whole family so I was really pleased to see this handy-sized gel included.


Next is the Welcos Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist (RRP $8). I love facial mists, especially in summer, as they’re great for combating dehydration and keeping you cool. I usually apply a mist as my first skincare step after toning but also like to spritz it over makeup during the day to keep my skin feeling fresh. There’s no need to confine mists to your face though, and this Aloe Vera mist is ideal for all-over use and will refresh, hydrate and soothe the whole body.

The final product in the Head to Toe bag is the Nature Republic Smoothing Aloe Moisture Emulsion (RRP $8.50). An emulsion is a moisturiser that isn’t quite as thick as a cream. With my oil-prone combination skin I prefer their lighter texture, particularly during the warmer months, but if you have dry skin you can layer an emulsion underneath your regular cream for an extra boost of hydration. I love this emulsion although the packaging isn’t ideal and it’s hard to get the product out.

The Aloe Head to Toe bag (still available here) is great for fans of Aloe products and showcases some fantastic K-Beauty brands but if this doesn’t float your boat Beauteque release new bags every month, each one carefully curated to a specific theme. They also have an amazing monthly sheet mask subscription service, Mask Maven, which I’ve reviewed here.

Beauteque ships to most countries worldwide and shipping rates vary according to country and product, but to Europe the shipping rate for their Head To Toe bags is $9.95 (approx £6.45). If you’re a confirmed fan of Korean beauty or even just fancy exploring Korean products for the first time I’d definitely recommend checking them out.

*PR Sample

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