Bandzee Subscription

I hate bobbles, fact. I can never get the right number of twists to secure my pony tail; three is too loose and means my hair slips out, but try as I might I can’t get a fourth twist. They also pull at my hair causing breakage and fall out.


That’s where Bandzee* steps in. These ingenious hair elastics are soft, strong and secure. They’re also super-kind to the hair and rather handily can be worn on the wrist, meaning you need never be without a hair tie.

Until now only Pink Parcel subscribers have been able to try Bandzee but now they’re launching their own subscription service, which for £4.95 per month ensures that a new pack of Bandzee hair ties will land on your doormat each and every month. So whether you misplace your hair elastics or just fancy a new design Bandzee will keep you stocked up!


Bandzee launches later this month so if you’re interested in this one of kind subscription register online to be first to hear when the service goes live.

*PR Sample

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One thought on “Bandzee Subscription

  1. Victoria says:

    That is sooo cool! I’m assuming the sub is only in the UK though, but still what a brilliant idea. If they also sent a pack of Bobby pins every month they’d be perfect!

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