Pure Potions Skin Salvation Scalp Oil

There is nothing worse than that burning sensation caused by an itchy scalp, and it can be especially embarrassing if you’re at work, on the bus or in an interview and you just can’t help but scratch to relieve the irritation.


I have a patch of scalp which from time to time feels irritated. I noticed it when I suffered a small amount of hairloss and since then, even though my hair grew back, that area of scalp often feels hot and itchy, and I literally have to sit on my hands to stop me from scratching. When I was sent the Skin Salvation Scalp Oil from Pure Potions to try it was a godsend, really helping alleviate both the immediate irritation but also in the longer term helping to keep the problem at bay.

Pure Potions Skin Salvation Scalp Oil (50ml, RRP £14.99)* is a moisturising scalp oil aimed at those prone to itchy, flaky, sore scalps, including sufferers of psoriasis and seborrhic dermatitis. Unlike some scalp products that contain artificial chemicals and preservatives, the oil is completely natural and utilises the incredibly nourishing oils of Calendula, Hemp and Borage to soothe and moisturise the scalp. The scent is fresh, invigorating and completely natural too.


Using the oil is fuss-free, simply apply directly to the scalp before bed and massage in gently and leave overnight. The oil can stain pillows so it’s recommended to sleep with a soft towel on the pillow or, as I did, use an old pillow cover. In the morning you just wash the hair as normal (preferably with a natural, sulphate free shampoo) and enjoy a comfortable feeling scalp.

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil is perfect because rather than containing chemicals that can strip natural oils from the scalp and can aggravate sore scalps further, its 100% natural formulation preserves the balance of oils in the scalp. Whether you suffer from dermatitis or have just used a product that has irritated the skin, this product can really restore the health of your scalp and, in turn, your confidence.

You can explore the complete range of award winning skincare, expertly created for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry skin conditions, on the Pure Potions website.

*PR Sample

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