So Susan LipLove Bag – October

Today my So Susan LipLove bag arrived; a gorgeous monthly subscription service that focuses solely on cruelty-free makeup. This month’s theme is “I Love Unexpected Courage” and the lovely canvas bag that accompanies each LipLove delivery features a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke, celebrating all that’s courageous within us. As usual the bag is filled with four makeup items from the likes of So Susan, Jelly Pong Pong, and their latest sister company, Trifle Cosmetics.



The first product in October’s bag is So Susan Statement Skin in Starlight (RRP £15). This is a multiuse highlighter crayon and is actually a product LipLove subscribers have recieved previously, albeit in a different shade. The formula is soft and creamy, infused with Organic Chia Seed extract and Silk Peptides to hydrate and smooth the skin, and with the chiselled tip the crayon is simple to use and easily blended.

Next up is the So Susan Powder Primer (RRP £18) a powder based primer that is silicone free, contains SPF-15 and is specially formulated to provide the perfect lightweight base upon which to apply your colour cosmetics. I’ve never tried a powder primer so i’m excited to see how this performs, particularly as I’m not a fan of traditional, silicone heavy primers.


Moving on we have a Lip Parfait by Trifle Cosmetics (RRP £12.95) which was a product I was excited to see as I loved the formula of the lipstick we recieved in last month’s LipLove bag, but was less impressed with the shade. This on the other hand is a much more wearable shade.

The final item is the Lighten Up by Jelly Pong Pong (RRP £14.95); a pencil that can be used as waterliner or to brighten areas of the face for a natural, refreshed look. The pencil features cocoa butter making it very soft and easy to use.


The bonus accessory this month the very bright Peace Bracelet, which if I’m honest I’m not really feeling. I’d much prefer something daintier and classier, and generally more in keeping with the So Susan image. I also think with the neon colours this has more of a festival vibe and would have been more appropriate in a summer bag.

October’s bag features some lovely products and I’m particularly excited by the lipstick and the primer, although the rest of the contents don’t really feel very seasonal. Moving into Autumn I’d have loved to see some jewel toned, smokey eye products or a warm, berry-hued lip colour, rather than yet another highlighter, but nevertheless for £14.95 the bag is still great value.

So Susan are uncompromising when it comes to both ethics and quality with their products being not only 100% Cruelty-Free but also packed with skin-friendly natural extracts. This makes the LipLove bag a great subscription service for anyone who is concerned with animal testing or the use of ingredients such as Phthalates and mineral oils. Visit the So Susan website to find out more or subscribe to the LipLove bag!

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