Works With Water – Help: Beautify Skin

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again; beauty goes much deeper than what you put on the surface of your skin. If you think you can party all night, smoke, drink to excess, eat rubbish and not have it show on your skin then you’ll be sadly disappointed. Of course I’m only human and there are times when even my halo slip and I’ve staggered home drunk and slept in my makeup, or stayed up until the wee small hours blogging with only a Dominos pizza to keep me going, but the intention to be healthy is there!

Luckily there are a number of companies that also recognise that to achieve glowing skin takes more than good skincare and who work to develop products that promote healthy skin from the inside out. One such company is Works With Water with their unique Help: Beautify Skin jelly supplements.


Help: Beautify Skin (14 x 10g sachets, RRP £22.94)* is the UK’s first 100% natural skin supplement specially formulated to deliver anti-ageing benefits and leave your skin looking younger, healthier and regenerated. Combining a patented blend of marine collagen, resveratol, CoEnzymeQ10, aloe vera and vitamin C, the natural ingredients work at cellular level to deliver visible anti-ageing benefits. With strong anti-oxidant properties, the supplement helps build collagen levels and fights free radicals whilst soothing any inflammation, encouraging plumper, more radiant skin.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, mature and those suffering from acne and skin pigmentation, the ready-to-eat jelly supplements taste like a sweet apple-flavoured treat and are really easy to fit into your daily lifestyle, even the most hectic. Each jelly sachet can be slipped into your makeup bag, handbag or briefcase where they are discreet and can eaten at a time most convenient to you.



Having tried collagen drinks in the past – I couldn’t get past their odd taste – I was a little apprehensive when it came to tasting my first jelly supplement, but fortunately the apple flavour, whilst quite strong, was not unpleasant and the texture was just like eating a jelly and was surprisingly refreshing. In just a few weeks the fine lines on my forehead looked a little less obvious, but most noticable was the skin around my eyes which looked much brighter and fresher. Just what this busy mum needs when lie-ins are but a distant memory!

If you look in the mirror and feel your skin could do with a boost, or that ordinary creams just aren’t cutting it anymore, I’d definitely recommend looking into supplementing your skincare with the help of Works With Water. Explore their full range, including Help: Clear Skin which targets acne and blemishes, on the Works With Water website and enjoy a 20% discount on two packages when you enter code TREAT20 at checkout.

Have you tried this or a similar product? If so I’d love to hear if it worked for you!

*PR Sample

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