Marula Facial Oil

I’ve been a huge fan of Argan Oil for years, so when I heard about the new buzz beauty ingredient in town, Marula Oil, I felt not only a surge of excitement, but a little guilt, as if I was cheating on a faithful friend. You see Marula Oil, which is harvested from the Marula nut in East Africa, contains 60% more antioxidants than leading Argan Oils making it even more beneficial to the skin, so given the choice of the two it’s a no brainer really. Move over Argan Oil, it’s all about Marula Oil!


Marula Facial Oil (30ml, £37.50)* from John Paul Selects is a hydrating facial treatment suitable for all skin types. The nourishing, rapidly absorbing oil is made entirely from pure cold-pressed Marula Oil, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, just the smallest drop of natural essential oils to provide a lovely orange scent. The oil provides an immediate boost of hydration, visibly plumping out fine lines and increasing the skin’s radiance, and sinks in quickly leaving no greasy residue. It is lightweight enough, even for my oily complexion.

With high levels of antioxidants Marula Facial Oil effectively fights free radicals, a prime cause premature skin ageing, whilst essential fatty acids including Omega 6 and 9 nourish the skin, helping to repair damage and boost collagen production. Soft, radiant and nourished skin really is just a couple of drops away.



Marula Facial Oil can be used alone, morning and night, or mixed with your usual moisturiser to really supercharge its anti-aging, radiance giving properties. It can also be taken down onto the neck, decolletage and upper arms; anywhere that requires extra hydration and care. A few drops, pressed gently into the skin is all that is required so the 30ml bottle really will last.

Skincare can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore, so having a product that feels luxurious and indulgent can really help turn a tedious task into an occasion. Marula Facial Oil definitely provides that experience, and has become part of my evening skincare ritual, where I enjoy its sweet orange scent and silky texture.

I’m very interested to see if Marula Oil will take off in the same way Argan Oil has. It certainly seems to deserve our attention and I for one will be looking out for other products that encorporate this oil. Have you heard of or tried Marula Oil?

You can find Marula Facial Oil online at John Paul Selects or in Holland and Barratt stores nationwide.

*PR Sample

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