Pink Parcel – November 2015

Right on cue this month’s Pink Parcel has dropped on my doormat and what an impressive line-up the November box contains! From familiar names to new discoveries, makeup and bodycare, this box contains everything you need to brighten up that awful time of the month; your period.

Alongside those necessary sanitary items, for £12.95 per month the Pink Parcel delivers a whole heap of beauty treats plus a couple of mouthwateringly delicious edible goodies, designed to turn your frown upside down. If I thought the October box was good, then November’s has surpassed expectations. So let’s delve right in and see what’s inside!


I don’t know about you but during my period hormones cause me to get horrendous headaches so this first item, Anatomicals Oi You Throbhead Headache Relief Balm (RRP £4) is a very welcome sight. Containing a blend of essential oils, this balm promises to relax and destress, helping to ease any aches and tension. I’m really looking forward to trying this out.

Next we have a duo of products from natural beauty brand Benecos Natural Care, including a full size Apricot and Elderflower Handcream (RRP £2.45) and a Natural Kajal in gray (RRP £3.95). I love discovering new natural beauty brands, and even more so to discover the brand is German and very affordable. As well as being natural many of the ingredients are certified organic and the products are vegan, so if that’s something you look out for in beauty products then these will be right up your street too.

Moving on is a Mad Beauty Brow Kit, especially designed for Pink Parcel. Containing two coloured powders plus a little brush and brow wand this kit contains everything you need to define and groom your eyebrows.

This box keeps on coming up with the goods, and next is a brand I’ve been really eager to try. Little Ondine are a range of natural, water-based nail polishes that require no solvents to remove and here we have Little Ondine Twins (RRP £13.99); a duo of mini polishes that you can mix and match or wear alone.

The final beauty treat is a 6ml sample sachet of Norwegian Formula Nourishing Body Lotion in Nordic Berry, which will give skin a much needed moisture boost during the colder months.


Moving on to the tasty treats and we have a mini bar of Cocoba Orange Milk Chocolate and a English Tea Shop Cranberry Vanilla Delight teabag. Apart from real ale, my two vices in life are tea and chocolate so these items really make my day and I always wait till the house is empty so I can savour them in peace!

Of course the Pink Parcel wouldn’t be complete without those essential sanitary products included is a very ample supply of tampons or sanitary towels, a handful panty liners and a feminine hygiene product, which this month is a full size SASS Intimate Cleanser (RRP £8).


Pink Parcel increased their monthly charge recently to £12.99 but this still represents amazing value and without a doubt remains my favourite subscription service. They now offer 3 delivery dates, ensuring that no matter where your cycle falls within a month, your parcel will arrive just in time. You can find out more about this unique subscription service on the Pink Parcel website.

Do you subscribe to Pink Parcel? What do you think to this month’s line-up?

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5 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – November 2015

  1. Trumble says:

    I got my first box today and soo pleased with it! Got everything that you did but my nailpolish duo was different colours 🙂

    Just out of curiosity if you don’t mind, how long is your cycle (i.e. what did you tell them) and how many tampons etc did they send you? The amount seems huge to me (not that I’m complaining but wow)!

    But maybe it’s because mine’s towels so it seems more? (I have the contraceptive implant and when my period decides to turn up it’s too light for tampons… I miss tampons…)

    • Helen says:

      I think I said my period lasts about 5 days and I get around 25 tampons. I’m usually fairly light and end up with plenty of tampons left over. I’m amassing quite a collection, lol!

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