SkinChemists London Coldtox Serum

Headed by Richard Walker, skinChemists London is a pioneering skincare brand that first found international success with their Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum. With research centres in the UK, France and the USA skinChemists leads the way in creating revolutionary formulations, utilising groundbreaking skincare ingredients including Bee Venom, Caviar, and Placenta, and I’m really excited to feature one of their newest products today.


The Coldtox Serum* from skinChemists combines award-winning science with potent natural ingredients to deliver an anti-aging elixir which protects from environmental aggressors and dramatically increases skin cell regeneration.

The serum has a very pleasant, cooling sensation on the skin and with pure Swiss Glacier Water provides intense, lasting hydration. A mix of marine plants, including Snow Algae and Marine Collagen, gives an instant lifting, tightening and plumping effect, deminishing wrinkles and leaving skin looking younger and glowing with health. It’s little wonder that Coldtox is referred to by some as Botox in a bottle! A bonus for oiler skins like my own is that the serum also helps absorb excess oils for a smooth, matte finish.



The Coldtox serum is sublime, from its lightweight, silky texture, to the tightening and mattifying effect which really does leave the skin looking flawless. The high quality packaging, with heavy glass and silver glass lid, adds to the overall premium feel of this product.

This luxury does come with quite a hefty pricetag, with the 25ml serum retailing at £70, so it won’t be for everyone, but if aging skin is a major concern and you like to indulge your skin with premium, high performing skincare then skinChemists are definitely a brand worth exploring.

*PR Sample

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