Oil Pulling With Cocowhite

Coconut oil has become a buzz beauty ingredient recently and you can’t go anywhere without someone singing the praises of this multi-tasking oil. From keeping your skin hydrated to maintaining silky hair, and even cleansing, this oil does it all, but there’s a more novel use for coconut oil that you may not be familiar with – oil pulling.


Oil pulling is basically gargling with oil to maintain oral health and whiter teeth. Said to pull out toxins, kill bacteria and improve general health the roots of oil pulling – also known as kavala or gundusha – lie in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, but Cocowhite has brought this concept bang up to date, taking it into the mainstream. I’ve had the pleasure of trying this out for you recently and am bringing you the results today.

Cocowhite Oil Pulling (14 day course, RRP £19.99) consists of fourteen sachets of mint flavoured coconut oil, which using once a day is sufficient for a two week course. At room temperature the oil is solid but when warmed slightly at body temperature it melts and can simply be squeezed from the sachet into your mouth, where you swish it around for twenty minutes. Afterwards you simply spit it out, along with, it is claimed, a heap load of toxins.




I won’t lie, the sensation of the coconut oil in your mouth is slightly odd, especially as until it is warm enough the oil can be a little lumpy, but once melted the texture is silky and the peppermint flavour very palatable. Also gargling for twenty minutes as recommended is no mean feat (if your gag reflex is especially sensitive you may need build it up to the full shebang) and the oil does increase in volume as it mixes with your saliva. Nevertheless when you see the results you will be impressed.

After using Cocowhite my teeth were noticably whiter even after just one use (see photo below) and my mouth felt very clean. I noticed too that my tongue looked pinker and my breath was fresher. Another more surprising result was that one morning I woke up with an almighty headache (nothing to do with the red wine I’d consumed the night before, honest) and after using Cocowhite it had completely disappeared, without the usual over the counter meds!


Understandably oil pulling is a technique you need to continue practicing for ongoing benefits, and once you finish the two week supply your teeth will return to their pre-oil pulling condition. That said for a completely natural product the immediate results from Cocowhite are very impressive, so I’d definitely recommend it if you want to whiten your teeth for a special occasion without resorting to costly treatments or harmful chemicals, or if you have a problem with excessive plaque build-up and want to improve the health of your mouth. For me oil pulling has been an interesting concept to try and Cocowhite is a product I would happily use again in future.

Cocowhite is available in three flavours – Minty Fresh, Light Lemon and Vanilla Swirl – direct from Cocowhite or in Holland and Barratt stores nationwide.

Have you tried oil pulling? If so i’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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4 thoughts on “Oil Pulling With Cocowhite

  1. Stevie says:

    I was really looking forward to this post when it cropped up and find it a little odd why you didn’t include a before photo? Doesn’t make your review very convincing.

  2. CJ says:

    Wow the difference between the before and after photos is impressive!
    What a shame you need to keep using it to maintain the whiter teeth.
    How long did it take to revert back to the before shade please?

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