Nanokeratin System

The hairdressing world has gone crazy for the revolutionary Nanokeratin System, a scientifically proven hair repair system that uses micro size molecules which are able to penetrate even the smallest hair fibres where they activate the inner hair cortex, creating a non-soluble, long-lasting shield against environmental elements. This salon treatment smooths the hair shaft, reducing frizz and enhancing shine. Straighteners and lengthy blowdrys can become a thing of the past, even months after your treatment.

At around £150 the Nanokeratin treatment isn’t cheap, so you’ll want to maintain it at home with the right products, developed by the same experts and using the same pioneering technology, and that’s where the Nanokeratin shampoo and conditioner I’m featuring today step in.



The Nanokeratin Re-Vive Invigorating Shampoo (320ml, RRP £18.95)* is a paraben and sulphate free invigorating shampoo that has been specially designed to treat virgin, non-coloured hair. Formulated with pure Keratin, Silk Protein and Collagen, as well as conditioning Shea Butter, this shampoo gently cleanses, hydrates and reconstructs the hair from deep within the shaft, leaving it super shiny and better able to withstand damage. Despite being SLS free this shampoo produces a good lather – something I find lacking in a lot of SLS free products – and it cleanses well, without leaving my hair feeling coarse. The scent is delicate, sweet and utterly gorgeous.


For optimum results follow the shampoo with the Nanokeratin System ReHydrate Hydrating Conditioner (320ml, RRP £18.95)* which is specifically formulated to restore the natural moisture levels of your hair, providing a long-lasting smooth finish and hair that shines with health. The keratin-based conditioner, enriched with essential oils and Shea Butter, fights the signs of aging and protects against UV damage and other environmental aggressors such as heat and pollution. The texture is very rich – I’d describe it as being like butter – and it really helps detangle the hair as you distribute it through the lengths, concentrating on the ends. Despite its richness the conditioner rinses well, leaving hair that feels smooth and deeply nourished yet weightless, and following a quick blowdry my hair was soft, glossy and frizz-free, even after stepping out into the damp Autumnal air. As someone who’s battled with their out of condition hair for months now, I’m definitely impressed with Nanokeratin!

The Nanokeratin haircare program is said to reduce blow-dry time by up to 80%, repairs damaged hair and eliminates frizz for up to 12 weeks, so with these products, even if you cannot afford the salon treatment, you can still enjoy the benefits right in the comfort of your own home. You can find out more about Nanokeratin on their website or shop the range at Rush and Toni and Guy.

*PR Sample

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