Nails Of The Day – Little Ondine

Every now and then I read about a product and think “it’ll never work” and I must confess when I heard about the water-based, peel-off nail polish from Little Ondine I was more than a little dubious. Standard nail polish tends to chip and peel on me, often after little more than 12 hours wear and no matter what base and top coat I apply, so I expected a peel-off nail polish to start to lift the moment I so much as looked at the washing up. As it turned out how wrong I was!


Little Ondine polishes made a splash early this year, with their unique formula consisting of natural resin, organic colourants and water. Free from nasties the other unique selling point of the polishes is that they simply peel off without the need for a seperate remover. My interest was certainly piqued although due to my reservations about the longevity I didn’t make the plunge, so imagine my delight when a duo of Little Ondine polishes featured in the November Pink Parcel? I couldn’t wait to finally try the brand out!

The first thing you will notice that sets Little Ondine apart from standard nail polish is the lack of odour, but the consistancy of the formula is practically the same as any other polish. The polish is simple to apply and whilst I found the first coat was a little thin and appeared slightly gritty when dry, after a second coat my nails looked great and the polish dried to a lovely glossy finish. The drying time is around the same as any other nail polish too.


The trick to longevity when applying Little Ondine polishes is to avoid getting any on the cuticles or skin around the nails, as this is where it will start to lift. I’m quite a neat person when it comes to painting my nails so had no problem doing this, but if you have a tendency to paint over the edge of your nails just keep a cotton bud handy to clean up any mistakes. They also recommend you don’t submerge your hands in water for at least an hour after painting. Since applying my Little Ondine polish however I’ve cooked, done at least three lots of washing up, bathed, showered, washed my hair, cleaned the bathroom, and still the polish hasn’t budged – something I wasn’t expecting to be honest so I am hugely impressed!

Little Ondine is available online in a vast range of colours, including metallics and glitters, so it really does rival standard polishes from that perspective as well, proving that you can still get high-fashion looks from an eco-friendly, natural based product. Single bottles of Little Ondine polishes retail at £9.20 or the Twins (a set of two complimentary coloured minis) are priced at £13.

Have you tried Little Ondine polishes?

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4 thoughts on “Nails Of The Day – Little Ondine

    • Helen says:

      It’s a great idea as I change my polish frequently and I find using nail polish remover frequently dries out my nails; even acetone free remover.

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