Acne Ultra Clear by The Derma Group

Speak to people about their skin concerns and most people will cite acne and blemishes. The skincare experts at The Derma Group know all too well how spots can knock a person’s confidence so they created Acne Ultra Clear, an all-natural face cream proven to conquer uncomfortable and embarrassing blemishes, leaving your skin clear, smooth and healthy.



Acne Ultra Clear (50ml, RRP £17.99)* is made using only nature’s finest ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil, calendula and beeswax, and with absolutely no chemicals or unnecessary additives it is 100% natural.

The formula of Acne Ultra Clear is really geared up to repair and soothe acne prone skin without stripping it of essential moisture, and it harnesses a selection of natural ingredients known for their skincare benefits. Conditioning olive oil helps to soothe any irritation and restores the natural moisture balance of the skin, and together with coconut oil, which has a small molecular structure, delivers nourishment deep down into the skin. Naturally anti-bacterial Beeswax works to prevent spots from forming and also calms inflammation and redness. It is also a natural humectant, helping the skin to stay hydrated for longer, and is a rich source of vitamin A. Finally calendula officinalis, another great anti-inflammatory which is known to aid healing, and cinnamon, which also fights bacteria and promotes healing, round off the list of essential ingredients. The cinnamon also lends the cream a rather unusual scent; sweet and warm, it reminds me of a spiced cake mixture.

The texture of the cream is quite rich, and I found I preferred to use the cream at night, because it could make my oil prone skin feel a little greasy. The effect however was very soothing and I definitely found that any redness and irritation from breakouts soon calmed down after application. My husband also tested out the cream and also reported an improvement in his skin.

You can purchase Acne Ultra Clear from Amazon UK and if you click here you can also grab a 10% discount code to use on your purchase.

Have you tried Acne Ultra Clear?

*PR Sample

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