My Take on Makeup Trends

I’m going to say something controversial today; I don’t get makeup crazes like winged eyeliner, contouring or strobing, or the way people go mad trying to achieve them!

I’m not alone either; even some celebrity makeup artists have joined a backlash, notably Pati Dubroff who took to Instagram to make a stand against contouring and the way in which women were layering on thick makeup to give the illusion of a so-called perfect bone structure.


A concern I have is that the pursuit of beauty becomes all-consuming and creates confidence issues; if you want to try these trends go ahead but don’t feel you have to or stress out in the process. Remember when you were seven years old and you used to play with your mum’s makeup, posing in front of the mirror? That’s right, makeup is supposed to be fun and about self expression, when did it get so serious? I understand everyone wants to look good and bring out the best version of themselves, but you don’t have to follow a trend to achieve that and besides it’s not like most boyfriends, husbands or partners are going to notice and exclaim “OMG your strobing is amazeballs”.

I think some of these trends are invented to boost sales of certain products, for example if sales of bronzer are flagging, or to justify the existence of beauty ‘experts’. Marketing is created that peddles the myth these techniques are impossible without a particular product, or a new-fangled eyeliner that’s double the price of your standard one – I can’t be the only one that noticed the surge in the craze for winged eyeliner after Benefit launched their Push-up Liner can I?

As long as you’re happy with your makeup and comfortable in your own skin I think there’s little point worrying about something the average person on the street isn’t going to notice, for example whether your ‘wings’ are perfectly matched. Why worry about whether your contouring is as good as Kim Kardashian when clearly she has the services of makeup artists and the magazine images you compare your makeup to are photoshopped?

Now please don’t hate on me if you’re a fan of these looks. I’m the lady that did my own makeup and hair for my wedding and have never had my nails ‘done’ so i’m far from a perfectionist. If you want flawless winged eyeliner go for it, but don’t be disheartened if your friends fail to notice your achievement!

What do you think of these makeup trends? Do you like to master them, or like me are you happy to leave them to everyone else?

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5 thoughts on “My Take on Makeup Trends

  1. forwardmarchinginlife says:

    Throughly agree Helen! And the amounts some girl’s wear is shocking, I’ve seen so many ‘pretty’ girls look unrecognisable without all their makeup on!

    Embrace young fresh skin and look after it, save the full face of make up for special occasions!

    I won’t even get started on those eyebrows…πŸ›πŸ›

  2. Amanda Z. says:

    I totally agree on the contouring but I love my winged eye liner! The trend that annoys me a bit is eyebrows. I get it if your eyebrows are thin or blonde or you want to draw them in but the obsession with perfectly sculpted arched brows I just don’t get.

    • Helen says:

      I do my brows, but only because they’re quite sparse, and I try to make them look natural still, not like these odd looking stencilled on jobs you see!

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