Lookfantastic Beauty Box – January 2016 Edition


Welcome to the January ‘Detox’ edition of the Lookfantastic Beauty Box which landed just this morning. This month’s box promises to banish those Winter skincare woes, bring some shine to lacklustre hair, and give dull complexions a boost of colour.

I’d already seen a sneak peek of this month’s box and was a little bit non-plussed; as a long-time subscriber I recognised 3 of the 6 items from previous boxes, which for a company offering so many products as Lookfantastic is a little bit disappointing. If you’re a new subscriber however it is a good line-up, which I’ll run through now.


First up is a Kebelo shampoo and conditioner 50ml travel sized duo. The Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo (full size RRP £13.95, 250ml) promises to gently cleanse your hair with its SLS free formula. Having tried this from a previous box I have to say it did nothing for my hair and I wasn’t impressed, but I’ve heard from other people who liked it. The Kebelo Silk Conditioner (full size RRP £14.95, 250ml) however I’m pleased to see as I’ve not tried it and I much prefer when boxes include a conditioner and shampoo.

The next item is a Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Earth (RRP £12.99), a finely milled loose powder that can be used wet or dry as an eyeshadow, or even to give a bronzed glow to the skin. This product has featured in a previous Lookfantastic Beauty Box, so I’m slightly disappointed to see it appear again, but on a positive note it is a different colour.


The fourth item is more promising as it’s a completely new discovery for me. The Lancer The Polish Method (full size RRP £60, 120g) is a gentle skin-resurfacing treatment that utilises pure minerals combined with magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate crystals to exfoliate the skin; combating dullness, removing impurities and stimulating cell renewal.  Natural extracts of pumpkin and pomegranate also help to break down dead skin cells, whilst brown sea algae replenishes moisture and boosts collagen production. I’ve never heard of the brand before so i’m looking forward to trying this out.

Another new discovery is a 50ml sample of Darphin Azahar Micellar Water (full size RRP £25, 200ml). The non-drying formula of this cleansing water is particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin and it removes impurities and make-up gently yet effortlessly, leaving skin fresh, soft and supple. The natural scent of Orange Blossom is gorgeous and i’m a huge fan of Micellar Water so this product definitely is a highlight this month.

The final product is another duplicate from the March Lookfantastic box. The Nuxe Nuxellence Detox (full size RRP £48, 50ml) is packed with natural ingredients including passionflower, poppy and silk tree, and is said to help to smooth wrinkles, plump skin and brighten your complexion by repairing your skin’s mitochondrial DNA. This 15ml sample should give subscribers ample opportunity to road test this product, although I can’t help but feel a little short-changed by the fact Lookfantastic have sent out this product before.

So there we have January’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box. For a newer subscriber it contains a great selection of products and brands, however I feel a lot of long-term customers will be a little bit fed up of the repeat products. I feel personally that the boxes have become a little unimaginative and the product selection is a little ‘safe’. Next month is the last box I’ve paid upfront for, so I think after that I may take a break.

The January box from Lookfantastic is on sale now, priced at £15 inclusive of postage. You can either buy the boxes individually or sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month discounted plan.

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3 thoughts on “Lookfantastic Beauty Box – January 2016 Edition

  1. lolarocks says:

    I’m starting to get duplicates now (not from look fantastic yet as I only started in August) but as I subscribe to glossybox & birchbox too I think I need a change! The new Look Incredible box looks good so I might go for that instead and at least they’re full size products.

  2. Sinead says:

    Ooh this box looks good, great review! I have to say I love Nuxe but they may have gone too far with their claim – “repairing your skin’s mitochondrial DNA” mmmmmkay then.
    I look forward to your next post X

  3. Sanja by MyFashionMission says:

    I feel the same. I think I will unsubscribe from it soon because I started receiving the same travel size products. No fun unboxing it. I will definitely go for LookIncredible beauty box because the products are in full-size.

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