Solution For Scars

During my pregnancy I was one of the lucky few who escaped the dreaded stretchmarks, but when labour resulted in an emergency caeserean I ended up with a large scar that even after almost five years still bothers me.

Like many people with scars i’ve used various creams with varying results – most of them pretty unimpressive – so when Science Of Skin approached me to try their new cream Solution For Scars I was very excited. Maybe this could be the one that reduces the redness and occasional irritation I was still experiencing?



Combining effective natural ingredients with cutting edge scientific research Solution For Scars (30ml, RRP £18.99)* works by switching off the body’s inflammatory response once a wound is healed, thereby reducing itching and discomfort and limiting scar thickening. The powerful paraben and fragrance formula ultilises a naturally active Green Tea extract that has been scientifically proven to shrink abnormal scars, and ideally used as soon as possible post-surgery this pioneering cream can prevent the development of thickened, uncomfortable scars, and over time even minimize their appearance.

I used the cream twice daily for four weeks and really noticed a difference in the colour and thickness of my scar. The skin felt softer and thinner, not thick and taut like before, and the redness disappeared, leaving just a faint, darker coloured line marking where the caeserean incision had been made. I needed only a little of the cream at each application and the a pump dispenser made it so easy to get the required amount without wastage.

If you’ve had a caeserean yourself and still have a bit of a ‘tummy’ you will know that you get a fold of skin over the scar that if moist and warm can feel irritating, and I found that some products for scars such as Bio Oil added to the irritation because of their oiliness. Thankfully Solution For Scars was quickly absorbed and left the scar feeling comfortable.



Obviously the results you get from a product such as this will depend on the severity and age of your scar and I’m under no illusion; because of its age my scar will never vanish completely but it does feel and look a lot better. The main thing for me is the comfort, and the fact that the scar doesn’t feel so irritated or tight.

With Solution For Scars your skin couldn’t be in better hands, as the product was developed by a team of leading medics; plastic surgeon Douglas McGeorge and scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat. So if you’ve got a scar, whether it’s a stretchmark or a surgery scar, I’d definitely recommend giving Solution For Scars a try.

You can purchase Solution For Scars over on the Science of Skin website.

*PR Sample

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4 thoughts on “Solution For Scars

  1. Claire L says:

    This looks like a fab result! I too have a c-section scar, luckily I heal well so I’ve had no problems with it. I did develop a bit of a pouch afterwards and so I bought the Theraline c-section belt to help with it. I wore it all day at first then found it only needed a few hours a day when it started working and then I had no pouch at all after a few weeks! I was relieved! It also gave the scar some protection from bumps etc, I’d wear it again if I had another section again.

      • Claire L says:

        Yes, it was about 3-4 weeks after the surgery when I was not happy about the pouch not going down on its own. The nurse said it was normal and would go away on its own but I wasn’t convinced so I bought the belt. It’s padded and has a bit of plastic in it to hold the pouch flat, there’s also a removable bag containing cherry stones that you can heat up in the microwave but I didn’t use that. I noticed the flesh of the pouch softening and smoothing out almost from the end of the first day of wearing it. Result! x

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