My Korean-Beauty Journey

I was sorting through my Korean beauty stash recently and it got me reminiscing about the amazing Memeboxes I used to get! It’s been almost a year since Memebox, who branded themselves as the World’s number one Korean beauty store, stopped international shipping to concentrate on their American market and although I always hoped they would start back up again, sadly it hasn’t happened yet!


Korean Beauty has really taken off since then, with lots of Western brands jumping on trends that were started by Korean companies. Foundation cushions and sheet masks are no longer well kept secrets but terms that are familiar to every beauty addict, however Memebox will always have a special place in my heart for reasons I’ll explain below.

My first venture into K Beauty as it’s termed was Memebox. I was introduced to them completely by chance and although I tried to resist the lure, with UK beauty boxes starting to look a little dull, I made my first purchase. From then it quickly escalated into a full blown love affair with these amazing beauty boxes, packed full of wierd and wonderful Korean products I’d never even heard of before. Whilst beauty boxes in the UK were looking jaded Memebox was a breath of fresh air and it wasn’t long before I was slapping on Snail Essence and Donkey Oil in the pursuit of beauty.

Soon I became a Memebox Ambassador so as well as purchasing my own boxes I was sent ones specifically to review on my blog; I was in my element getting to try all these unique products and learning all about how seriously Koreans take their skincare. Then came the blow early in 2015; Memebox would no longer ship outside of the USA, leaving a lot of forlorn K Beauty addicts. I missed the tempting emails when new boxes were launched, the mad rush to the website whenever they restocked a popular box, and of course the excitement when the DHL van pulled up outside my house!

Of course every cloud has a silver lining and there are other companies that have picked up the gauntlet, including Beauteque, with their fabulous Head to Toe bags and Mask Maven subscription, and Kawaii Panda to name just two, so we aren’t completely without our K Beauty fix, and with European beauty brands taking inspiration from Korean trends the future of K Beauty in the UK still looks bright!

I’m really pleased I took the plunge two years ago and purchased my first Korean beauty products. It’s made me really step up my skincare and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try unfamiliar brands. I’ve also met many lovely and knowledgeable K Beauty fans along the way that made my journey lots of fun!

I’d love to hear what your favourite K-beauty product is and where you buy your Korean products from now, so do feel free to leave me a comment below!

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