W7 Metallic Flash Lip Gloss

I miss the fun I used to have with makeup when I was a teenager. Sometimes I think we’re so preoccupied trying to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner that we forget to enjoy ourselves and experiment like we did in our younger years. Sure my foundation may have been badly applied and far too orange but it never dented my 16 year old self’s confidence and to be honest I don’t think any of my mates cared.


One of my favourite things when I was younger was wearing crazy lip colours so when I came across W7 Metallic Flash Lip Gloss recently in a local discount store I was transported back to the time when my friends and I would scour the local market looking for the gaudiest makeup we could find.

The W7 Metallic Flash Lip Glosses are a lot more sophisticated than I would have worn 18 years ago. Even the more outlandish green and blue glosses are a lot more wearable and grown up, with a high gloss finish and beautiful duo-chrome shimmer. If you’re feeling less experimental then the pink and red shades are perfect, being much less ‘out there’ but still stunning.

The formula of the Metallic Flash Lip Gloss is comfortable and despite being a gloss isn’t overly sticky. It has a high shine and the glitter particles are fine so it doesn’t feel at all gritty. The gloss has a 3D shine to it thanks to the different coloured glitter which sadly isn’t captured as successfully in my photos – these are definitely glosses that need to be seen to be fully appreciated.


Flash Harry (Pink), Flash Of Light (Red), Flash In The Pan (Green), Flash Of Lightening (Blue)

I’m really smitten with these glosses, and I’m particularly surprised that I like the blue so much. I bought it on a bit of a whim and to be honest I thought it wouldn’t look very flattering but I wore it on the school run today and no one batted an eyelid so it passed the ‘wearing in public’ test!

For the price (you can find them from as little as £1 up to £2.95) these glosses are really great value and would be ideal if you want to try a less conventional lip colour without spending a lot on a highend formula.

Would you wear these lip glosses?

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4 thoughts on “W7 Metallic Flash Lip Gloss

  1. HeavenZanny says:

    The red one looks fantastic 🙂 I would wear it but then again I use the Baby Lips lipglosses which are pretty much the same just more light colors and not the dark ones… 🙂

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