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In January I launched my #BloggingSOS series in which I aim to share some of this tips I’ve picked up along my own blogging journey and my first post looked at dealing with brands and PR companies.


In my second installment of #BloggingSOS i’m looking at blog design and how you can create a blog that is easy to read, attractive and showcases your subject matter in the best way possible. Design of course is a very personal thing however there are a few things that can make the difference between a visitor to your blog become a regular reader or just clicking straight out and it’s those aspects I’ll look at today.

Be Reader Friendly – First things first your blog needs to be readable. You may want to set your blog apart from the crowd and give it a personality, but using pink letters on a purple background will make your blog really difficult to read, turning a lot of readers off. Likewise tempting as it is to use a cursive font, overly ornate lettering can be a deal breaker too. Keep your text easy to read and accessible and people will come back.

Keep It Simple – Another thing I’d recommend keeping fairly simple is the colour palette you use. Sticking to just a few colours for your header and text, whilst keeping the background light coloured or white, will not only make your blog more readable but will also allow your photos and the content to stand out and be the focus. I started out with a dark background, thinking it was different to the crowd, but once I redesigned my blog I quickly realised why most beauty blogs use a white background, because with the new design my photos and the products really took centre stage in a way they hadn’t previously.

Frame It Perfectly – When it comes to photos I prefer to stick with one orientation, keeping them the same width so they look uniform and flow harmoniously as you scroll down the webpage. As a compromise if you can’t decide between portrait or landscape you could crop your photos to be square as I do. I find this fits most of my subject matter well, although if you share a lot of outfit posts you will probably find portrait is preferable.

Make it Mobile – As more and more people access the internet on tablets and Smartphones I’d definitely recommend making sure your blog is mobile friendly. I probably do 99% of my web browsing on my mobile phone and I cannot express how frustrating it is to find that a big name brand still hasn’t got a mobile website. It instantly makes me want to click out of their site and shop elsewhere, so don’t let that be a hurdle for your blog.

Quickly Does It – Finally watch out for things that will slow your website down. Photo heavy posts, plug-ins, videos and busy backgrounds can all make your webpage load slower. Do you need all 10 photos to be full-sized or can you fit them into a collage? Do you need all those widgets? If your site is slow people may give up on it so think about where you can make compromises.

I hope you have found the first couple of posts in my #BloggingSOS series enjoyable and have picked up some useful tips. If you have any questions relating to today’s topic or you have any addititional advice for fellow bloggers please do leave a comment below and don’t forget to join me in March when I’ll be bringing you more #BloggingSOS!

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