BloggingSOS: Growing Your Blog

Most people begin blogging simply because they want to write or have a creative outlet and the idea that they may get a few readers is really an afterthought. After a while however you may decide you want to reach out to more people, connect with brands, or even monetize your blog, and that is where figures become more important. Until now your biggest decision was your blog name, but now you may be asking “how can I grow my following further?” and that is the subject I’ll be looking at today in my third installment of my #BloggingSOS series.


Get on Social Media
First things first you need to take your blog to where your readers are and that means getting it on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram and as many other social media sites you can think of. Don’t worry that you won’t have time to keep up with all these new accounts because you will find that most blogging platforms have an option that allows you to automatically share your new posts on many of your social media profiles, all you need to do is link them up.

Publicise, Publicise, Publicise
The job of a successful Blogger doesn’t end when you press publish; to reach your audience you need to actively publicise your blog posts across all your social media profiles. You can also join blogging communities on Google+ and share your posts in Blogger’s Facebook groups. You may worry that it all feels a little spammy but without sharing regularly your posts can easily get buried in Twitter and Facebook feeds meaning your readers miss them.

Give Brands a Shout-Out
Have you written a product review or mentioned a brand? Make sure they know by tagging them. Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter all have a function to tag brands and often they will share your post to their followers, which depending on the popularity of the brand will give your blog a much wider exposure!

Get Interactive
Another way to grow your following is to be interactive. Reply to your comments, take part in chats on Twitter, and join forums; it will ensure you and your blog is noticed. Replying to comments also makes your readers feel valued and they will be more likely to return.

Stay Positive
People naturally gravitate towards happy and positive personalities. Try to be upbeat and friendly in your online conversations and you’ll gain a good reputation that will be noticed by your readers and brands. Whilst Drama Llamas may provide a bit of entertainment it’s highly unlikely potential readers will find a Twitter feed full of bitching appealing.

Keep Posting
Try and keep your blog and social media profiles up to date so that visitor to them have some current content to enjoy. You don’t have to blog daily but I would recommend posting as often as possible and at least once a week. If you’re going away or will be busy you could always schedule your posts to automatically publish on a given date and time, or you could even invite another Blogger to write a guest post. I like to keep some draft posts in reserve so that if I’m ever ill or too busy to write a post from scratch I have some content as a backup, ensuring my blog is never neglected for too long.

Hopefully if you follow these simple steps you will find your readership grow and this should really help if you want to collaborate with brands or earn some money from your blogging. It will also make your blogging journey feel more rewarding. I just want to end however by saying figures aren’t the be all and end all, and as long as you are happy with your blog and are achieving what you hoped to then what does it matter if you get 10 or 10,000 page views? Write what you feel passionate about and you will find a good many of those readers will come naturally.

I hope you are finding my #BloggingSOS series enjoyable and have picked up some useful tips. If you have any questions relating to today’s topic or you have any addititional tips for fellow bloggers please do leave a comment below and don’t forget to join me in April for more #BloggingSOS!

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9 thoughts on “BloggingSOS: Growing Your Blog

  1. Leah XL (@LeahShafik) says:

    This is a great post and something I do try to do. I do believe that the interaction through twitter and facebook has definitely grown my blog over the last month, even though I have been blogging for nearly 6 years now.
    My YouTube has helped my blog though and that has grown so quickly in comparison so I would like to try and equal them out. I think my trouble has been not regularly posting or having a schedule for my blog so I think the two days in the week I have free (Tuesday and Thursday) might be ideal for my blog posts x

    • Helen says:

      There seems to be a real trend for watching vlogs at the moment (probably the Zoella effect), but it’s not for me. Regularly posting is definitely a good idea, I use the WordPress app which makes it easy to blog on the go, that way I find I’m more inclined to write often πŸ™‚ Thanks for popping by and good luck growing your blog!

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