Patyka Absolis Spearmint Foaming Cleanser

Browsing my shelves of TK Maxx recently I spied a cleanser from brand I’d been eager to try for a while so naturally I snapped it up. Patyka is a French skincare brand that specialises in producing luxurious, natural products; with sublime textured formulas packaged into elegant packaging if ever there was a brand that epitomises the phrase ‘Eco-chic’ it has to be Patyka.



Patyka Absolis Spearmint Foaming Cleanser (250ml, Β£27) is a soap free and SLS free facial wash which cleanses gently without causing any irritation and leaves skin feeling fresh and purified. Featuring Spearmint; a calming, healing and stimulating essential oil recommended for combination skin, Raspberry water known for its toning, purifying and anti-oxidant properties and antiseptic Tea Tree Oil the cleanser is a must for anyone with oily and combination skin.

If you immediately think of harsh, astringent formulas when you think of skincare aimed at spot-prone complexions think again. Patyka Spearmint Foaming Cleanser is really gentle and perfect for daily use. It cleanses well, mopping up excess sebum and unclogging pores, yet doesn’t dry the skin or leave it feel taut. This skin-friendly formula is also 99% natural, with no unnecessary additives such as artificial colours or fragrance, parabens, silicones or ingredients derived from animals.



The texture of this cleanser is a real treat; lightweight and silky it forms a luxurious lather which glides over the face, lifting dirt and refreshing the skin. The natural Spearmint scent is uplifting and reviving, perfect when skin is feeling sluggish. All this is then presented in the most beautifully designed packaging I think I’ve ever seen, opening up like a rose to reveal a chic silver topped bottle.

As the first beauty brand in history to be ECOCERT organic, Patyka offers high-performance formulas that don’t cost the earth and more importantly mean that you don’t have to compromise your health in the pursuit of a clear complexion. If this is important to you then Patyka – available online at Naturismo – is definitely a brand to look out for!

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4 thoughts on “Patyka Absolis Spearmint Foaming Cleanser

    • Helen says:

      I think they’ve changed the packaging looking on the Patyka website hence it probably being in TK Maxx, but the formula is unchanged πŸ™‚ It’s gorgeous!

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