Fab Little Bag

Tampons, you really shouldn’t flush them, but I’m betting many of you do. You see until now there hasn’t really been a convenient, hygienic and discreet way to dispose of them, that is until Fab Little Bag came along.


Fab Little Bag* is an Oxo-biodegradeable, sealable bag that makes disposing of tampons a fuss free, completely hygienic experience. Specially designed with loops to ensure they can be opened quickly and with one hand, and with a sealable top, each bag can be simply tossed into the bin after use where it will be taken to landfill and eventually completely biodegrade.

Retailing at £1.99 the Handbag Pack contains 5 bags inside a sturdy plastic wallet which is very slimline and compact, taking up next to no room in your handbag, and can be refilled and reused over and over again. For just £2.99 you can then buy the Bathroom Pack which you can keep by your loo at home or use it to refill your handbag pack.


I own a motorhome and throwing tampons into the chemical toilet is a definite no-no so these bags have become an essential, and I keep a pack in my handbag and by my toilet whether I’m at home or away. Your period doesn’t stop just because you’re away from home so Fab Little Bag is perfect for festival goers and campers too.

Are you a covert to Fab Little Bag yet?

*PR Sample

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