Pink Parcel – April 2016


The April Pink Parcel landed on my doorstep two weeks ago but with such a busy month (half term, holiday, University reunion) I’ve only just been able to sit down and bring you my review!

For any readers that are not familiar with Pink Parcel it is a subscription service that aims to make that time of the month a little easier and a lot more enjoyable, with the reliable delivery of essential sanitary items plus a handful of beauty treats and snacks, all for the bargainous price of £12.95!


Everybody loves a little pamper and first out of the box is the NPW Pomegranate & Paw Paw Face Mask (RRP £1.85) which promises to boost your complexion and leave you with glowing skin in just 15 minutes.

Next up is a bottle of True Brit London Nail Polish (RRP £12.50) in an exclusive pale pink shade produced for Pink Parcel. The polish is packaged beautifully in a stylish gold box and heavy glass bottle with silver embellishment. True Brit nail polish certainly isn’t style over substance however with a nourishing formula that is fortified with elderflower, white rose, and Vitamin E, and excludes unnecessary carcinogens and toxins.

The third product is a Boozi Body Care Hand Cream (RRP £3.95), a cocktail inspired hand cream that offers 24 hours of hydration. The French Martini Hand Cream is an irresistible fragrance of tropical pineapple and sweet, sharp raspberries and it has a lovely lightweight and non-greasy texture. I love the quirky packaging!

This month each subscriber gets a product from New Cid Cosmetics. Mine is the New Cid iPout Lipstick in Berrylicious (RRP £18.50), a vivid berry-pink shade with a lovely creamy consistency. With a light in-built into the base you can even apply this in a dimly lit nightclub!


After the beauty goodies come a handful of tasty treats including a Mallow & Marsh Bar (RRP £18 for 12), a Tea Pigs Popcorn Tea teabag (£1.30 for 2), a Cocoba Chocolate Face and a pack of Nairn’s Rough Oatcakes (RRP £1.29 for 291g). The Cocoba and Mallow & Marsh Bar didn’t last long and were quickly eaten soon after i had taken my blog photos. They tasted amazing; perfect for those sweet cravings we all get during our period.


Of course the real reason we get our Pink Parcel is for the sanitary items, right? So included in each month’s box is an ample selection of tampons or sanitary towels (you choose your product type and brand), a handful of panty liners, a Fab Little Bag pack (RRP £1.99), and a SASS feminine hygiene product. This month I recieved the SASS Intimate Cleanser (RRP £7) which helps to gently cleanse whilst maintaining natural pH levels.

This month’s box has fantastic value and contains a great assortment of treats; at £12.95 per month it’s well worth the money, especially if you’re always running out of essential supplies like I often do! I definitely think the April box was a marked improvement on the March box, which for me contained a repeat item.

Take a look at Pink Parcel website to find out more or sign up to your very own Pink Parcel.

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3 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – April 2016

  1. hannahmcmartin says:

    I’ve never heard of this subscription before, but I LOVE the sound of it so much! What a great idea, and like you say such a nice thing to receive at a time when you need some TLC! X

    • Helen says:

      Well no one’s making the journalist buy one, I think she needs to chill out (time of the month perhaps?), hahaha! Thanks for popping by and commenting 🙂

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