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If there is one social media site that seems to baffle bloggers more than any other it is Facebook, and although I’ve touched on utilising social media previously in my #BloggingSOS series I thought I would look at Facebook in more detail and answer some of the questions I see pop up the most!


Why is my reach so low? There are two
reasons for this. Firstly Facebook is a business and naturally wants you to pay to promote your posts. But secondly there is something called an Algorithm at work – in layman’s terms Facebook works out who interacts with your page and shows them your posts. Your page likes could be in the thousands but if only a handful of people comment or like your posts your reach will be small. Getting greater engagement is key and is much more valuable than simply the number of page likes you have.

How can I beat the system? Unlike businesses with a large marketing budget the average blogger will not want to pay for Facebook promotion, but it is possible to increase your audience at zero cost. How? I hear you cry; well this is where you need to put in some work. It’s not enough to simply share a post, you need to drive engagement. Ask your readers questions and share articles they may be interested in that aren’t just from your blog – getting a dialogue going will widen your audience. Another thing I do is share my posts in groups, on pages and on my personal timeline. I also tag brands so that my post is visible on their wall. This increases my reach and doesn’t cost me a penny.

What posts get better views? I’ve found
that photos, even ones shared automatically from my Instagram account, get many more views than my posts containing a link to my blog. I’m guessing Facebook does not want people clicking out, which sucks. Not much you can do about that but make sure you share photos to drive people your page that way.

How often should I post? This is entirely up to you and what you can sustain to be honest but I try to post twice daily; usually sharing a blog post and a photo. I also tend to space them out and will post something in the morning and the evening, making the most of when different people may log onto Facebook. Much like your blog I’d definitely keep your page as fresh as possible to keep people interested and coming back.

I know a lot of bloggers prefer Twitter and say that Facebook is not worth their time, but using these tips I’ve found that after organic searches on Google Facebook is my second biggest traffic source so I definitely think it is worth persevering with. It’s not perfect but ultimately Facebook is another free platform you can use to increase your blog’s audience so my advice would be to utilise it.

I shall be continuing my #BloggingSOS series next month and whether you’re a new Blogger or have been blogging for years I do hope you have picked up some useful tips. If you have any questions relating to today’s topic or you have any addititional tips for fellow bloggers please do leave your comments below!

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