Introducing Supermood Skincare


If there is one thing that excites me most in the beauty world it’s the discovery of a brand new natural beauty range and the brand I’m featuring today is one that really sets my heart a flutter  with fantastic eco-credentials and sublime products.

Hailing from Finland Supermood is a new holistic beauty brand that combines high-quality, natural and eco-certified ingredients with cutting edge science to deliver skincare that truly works. At the heart of every product is the company values of eco-friendliness, ethics and purity and I’m really happy to showcase them on my blog today.


The first product I sampled is the YOUTH GLO Babyface Mask (RRP €49.00)*. This clay-based facemask features Vitamin C, Gingko Biloba, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn and Sweet Almond Oil and is designed to make your skin glow like a baby. For tired skin it really is a breath of fresh air as it combats dullness and eases any congestion allowing your inner radiance to emerge. The texture is light and despite being a clay mask it isn’t too drying and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight as some masks can. The mask has a light peppermint scent which is refreshing without being overpowering.


Next up is EGOBOOST One Minute Facelift (30ml, RRP €69.00)*, which promises an instant lift and tightening effect. The serum features Chaga Mushroom, Birch Sap and Argan Oil and within seconds of application you can feel the tightening sensation as the serum dries. This is my absolute favourite of the trio as its results are instantaneous and pretty incredible.


The final product I was sent to try out is the BEAUTY SLEEP Absolute Bliss Serum (30ml, RRP €89.00)*. This serum is intended to be used in the evening as a rejuvenating overnight treatment and it has a luxuriously silky and highly moisturising texture. The key ingredient here is Sea Fennel stem cell extract which repairs and regenerates skin while you rest and Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Argan Oil which provide the intense hydration. A few drops smoothed into your face and neck is sufficient to leave your skin feeling plumper and replenished upon awakening.

These products are all really lovely, from their gorgeous textures to their high quality packaging and they have been a delight to use. I’m also impressed by the transparency of the Supermood when it comes to their ingredients list, as each product is labelled to indicate whether it is organic, natural or a synthetic. You’ll be pleased to know that for each of these products only one or two very minor ingredients are synthetic with the vast majority being either natural and / or organic. This is great for consumers who want to see what proportion of their ‘natural’ skincare really is natural.

Supermood is available exclusive through Sulis and Thermae.

*PR Sample

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