Dr Nick Lowe – Perfectly Clear Book Review


There will be very few people that haven’t experienced acne at some point during their life. For the lucky ones it may only be the odd blemish or mild outbreak but for others it can be very severe, causing embarrassment, discomfort and upset. But whatever type of acne you experience equipping yourself with the right knowledge is the first step in tackling the problem and this is why Dr Nick Lowe, Consultant Dermatologist, and Dr Philippa Lowe have written Perfectly Clear; The Perfect Guide to Clear Skin*.

Published by Matador this book is a fantastic source for anyone wanting to understand their skin condition and to be able to tackle it. It begins by going right back to the beginning and differentiating between different types of acne using helpful visuals. It then moves on to explaining why we get acne.


In the next three chapters the authors look at what can trigger an outbreak of acne, and focus on two main lifestyle factors of diet and stress. Reducing triggers and making small dietary changes may significantly improve your skin without the need to embark on expensive treatments or change your whole skincare routine.

Naturally not all acne will respond to simple changes such as getting more sleep or cutting down on sugary snacks and the book features severe acne and pregnancy related acne in their own chapters. It also looks at clinic treatments for those that have had little response from treating their acne at home, as well as how to improve scarring caused by severe acne.

The final section of the book looks at ingredients in both prescription and non-prescription acne products, which is hugely valuable in helping break down the jargon and technical terms used on a lot of products and consequently help you to understand which products may be best. It also explains the different professionals you may meet on your journey to clearer skin and clarifies what knowledge and training they are likely to have. The books finishes with a glossary that explains all the terminology used in the book.


This is a really informative book and despite it’s technical subject matter it is easy to read and understand. The way in which the topics are separated into clearly defined chapters means you can reach in and take away the specific information you want. Question and Answer sections, block quotes, clear headings and photos also ensure the content is attractive and grabs your attention. I’ve enjoyed dipping in and out of the book every evening and have definitely picked up some tips that I’m confident will help my hormonal breakouts.

If you’re battling acne and think you have tried nearly every product going I’d definitely recommend giving this book a read. Going back to the basics and really understanding your acne, busting the myths and getting expert knowledge could really equip you with the tools needed to manage your acne and hopefully step out from its shadow.

Perfectly Clear; The Perfect Guide to Clear Skin (122 pages, ISBN 975-1-78589-083-3) is published by Matador and is available in paperback here or here priced at £14.99 or as an eBook.

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