Pink Parcel – May 2016


For any readers that are not familiar with Pink Parcel this is a monthly subscription service that aims to make your period something to look forward to rather than dread. Its unique selling point is the reliable delivery of essential sanitary items along with a handful of beauty treats and snacks, all for the bargainous price of £12.95!

Last month Pink Parcel delivered such a fabulous box that I really thought they would have their work cut out to beat it with the May box, however once again the really pulled out all the stops to bring subscribers another great box. So let’s take a look inside!


First up is Cougar Perfect Pout Lip Plumper (RRP £29) which promises to plump up lips and give you the perfect pout. Its magic ingredient is Volulip which shapes and plumps, alongside moisturising Vitamin E and Corum and Peppermint which create a pleasant tingling effect that further helps to volumise the lips.

Last month we got an exclusive nail polish designed for Pink Parcel and here we have another of these gorgeous polishes. The True Brit London Nail Polish in It’s A Monthly Thing (RRP £12.50) is a very flattering gray shade. I love the formula of these polishes which excludes unnecessary carcinogens and features natural extracts of elderflower, white rose, and Vitamin E to nourish the nails.

If you have difficulty sleeping during your period this next product, the Badger Lavender & Bergamot Sleep Balm (RRP £4.99) is ideal. The all natural balm can be applied to your pulse points and temples to ease away stresses and help you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Next up is the Simple Soothing Facial Toner (50ml, RRP £1.29), which is perfect for those pesky hormonal breakouts we so often suffer from. I’ll be popping this in my travel bag as it’s the ideal size for travel.

The final beauty treat is a Lottie London Shade and Shadow Brush (RRP £5.00). Subscribers will get one of four different Lottie London brushes.


Each month the box features some sweet treats and in the lineup this month is a Fudge Kitchen White Chocolate & Raspberry Cube (£12 for 10), a Rococo Mini Bee Bar in Honeycomb Crunch (£1.50 for 20g) and English Tea Shop Chocolate Rooibos & Vanilla Teabag. The Fudge Kitchen Cube was literally to die for – I could have eaten a full pack given the chance!


As always, included in each month’s box is an ample selection of tampons or sanitary towels (you choose your product type and brand), a handful of panty liners, a Fab Little Bag pack (RRP £1.99), and a feminine hygiene product which this month is a pack of Femfresh Freshening & Soothing Cloths (RRP £1.69 for 10).

This month’s Pink Parcel contains a lovely assortment of treats and at £12.95 per month it is incredible value. If you’re always dashing out to buy emergency sanitary products because you’ve run out or you simply want a good excuse to treat yourself why not give Pink Parcel a try?

Take a look at the Pink Parcel website to find out more and get £5 off your first parcel when you sign up.

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