James Read Tan H2O Tan Mist Review

I used to be pretty wary of self tanners – so often formulations were sticky, smelly and resulted in streaky, orange-toned skin – but luckily the tanning industry has come a long way and there are now some brilliant lightweight and natural looking self tanners on the market.

Those with paler skin-tones however can still struggle to find the perfect tan without looking 50 shades of orange, but luckily James Read has introduced a brand new product to his eponymous bronzing line; one that is incredibly easy to use, results in a subtle, natural glow and feels more akin to high-end skincare than an old-fashioned tanning product.


The James Read Tan H2O Tan Mist (100ml, £18) is the first rosewater facial spray to be infused with DHA, the active bronzing ingredient in self-tanners. The clear, super fine mist is packed with powerful ingredients like acne-fighting zinc, nourishing coconut oil, and hydrating rosewater that also lends it a fresh floral scent.

Upon use I couldn’t detect any trace of that characteristic self-tan aroma that so many people find off-putting and the mist, which can be spritzed under or over makeup, was refreshing and soothing. Sprayed over my face, neck and decolletage the formula felt so skin-friendly and nourishing, definitely far removed from any other facial tanner I’ve tried. The resulting tan was very gradual, so you can apply this throughout the day without fear of overdoing your tan, and even on pale skin the colour was perfectly realistic.


This product really is a game changer when it comes to tanning, because it offers so much more than any other tanner out there, doubling up as a makeup primer and setter and offering so many skincare benefits in the process. It’s definitely a product I’ll be reaching for time and time again!

The Libbie Club is currently offering 10% off the brand new James Read Tan H2O Tan Mist making now the ideal time to try it out for yourself!

What are you favourite tanning products?


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