Summer Of Matcha with EatCleanTea

Cocktails, Matcha, smoothies and my Breville Activblend are just some of my favourite things so when I saw EatCleanTea were sending out samples of their amazing Premium Matcha Green Tea and encouraging Bloggers to get creative and concoct their own tasty drink featuring Matcha I had to get involved.


I wanted to create the perfect party drink; one that tasted great, looked great and could be enjoyed alcohol-free or with the cheeky addition of some white rum. I also wanted to make something that didn’t require a store cupboard full of fancy ingredients or take ages to make, because who wants to spend the entire party in the kitchen? The result is my Strawberry & Mint Matcha Mojito!

Creating the Strawberry & Mint Matcha Mojito is simple, just take a dozen strawberries, remove the stalks and pop them into your blender along with plenty of ice cubes. Add two scoops of the mint flavoured EatCleanTea Matcha & Mint Tea* then blitz in the blender. The perfect consistency is that of a smoothie, so if it is a little thick simply add a dash of water. Once you are happy pour out into a couple of glasses, garnish with fresh strawberry and mint and serve immediately. A shot of white rum is optional of course!



I love this recipe, it is a real classic summer drink and tastes so fresh. Despite its simplicity you can make it look really special too. Even better, with all the antioxidant benefits of the Matcha tea, the high Vitamin C content of the strawberries and the soothing effect of spearmint on the digestive system, this is a drink that is also great for you!

To find out more about the health benefits of Matcha Tea visit the EatCleanTea website, where you can purchase your own tea or find more recipe inspiration. Three blends of Matcha are available РOriginal, Matcha & Mint or Matcha & Ginger Рpriced at £15.95 per 30g pack.

*PR Sample

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4 thoughts on “Summer Of Matcha with EatCleanTea

  1. Amy says:

    Oooh this sounds so good, I’ve just got into matcha but hadn’t really thought about experimenting with it – this would be perfect for a summer’s day – although I might just have to add that rum!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

    • Helen says:

      I love adding matcha to smoothies but it’s the first time I’ve tried a matcha that’s blended with mint. It’s genius! The only downside is it adds a green tinge to everything so can make your smoothies look a bit murky!

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