Clarins Double Serum and the Pycnogenol Challenge

French Maritime Pine Bark extract is an ingredient that features in Double Serum, one of Clarins most popular anti-aging skincare products, but did you know that as well as its use topically this natural botanical extract also has skincare benefits when taken as a supplement?

Pycnogenol, as it is known as, is a natural food supplement that is 50 times more potent than Vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C. In clinical studies has been found to reduce the signs of aging, so when I was asked if to trial both the serum and the Pycnogenol supplement I was hugely excited.


If you haven’t come across Clarins Double Serum (30ml, RRP £55)* before it is an intensive anti-ageing serum that contains a blend of 20 plant extracts, including Pycnogenol. Suitable for all skin types the unique dual phase serum has won multiple awards and targets all aspects of skin ageing; firming, smoothing, lifting and restoring radiance.

Pycnogenol (30 capsules, RRP £29.99) is a supplement derived from the French Maritime Pine Bark tree and is known to be an incredibly potent antioxidant. In trials it has been found to increase skin elasticity, act as an anti inflammatory, promote cutaneous microcirculation, provide sun protection and prevent photoaging and alleviate skin pigmentation. Taken daily Pycnogenol increases the presence of Hyaluronic Acid by 44% and Collagen by 29% – incredible!


For the last month I’ve been using the serum each morning and evening, and bar the odd day when I forgot I also took the supplements daily as per the directions and I’m keen to share my results!

The serum has a lovely, silky texture that makes it so pleasurable to use and upon application it really does leave the skin looking radiant and toned. My skin is quite oily but happily the serum was lightweight enough and sank in leaving the skin feeling comfortable and looking dewy but not greasy. It definitely does plump out the skin; softening any fine lines and making any areas of fatigue look brighter.


The Pycnogenol supplements are flavourless, odourless and easy to swallow. I certainly noticed my complexion looking brighter and less tired but whether that was down to the supplement, the serum or the combination of the two is difficult to ascertain. That said after reading up on Pycnogenol and the outcomes of clinical trials I can safely say I’ll be continuing with the supplement as well as recommending it to anyone concerned about the effects of aging on their skin.

You can purchase Pycnogenol capsules from Holland and Barrett stores nationwide.

What do you think about taking a food supplement to boost your skin’s health and protect against aging? Are you tempted to try Pycnogenol yourself?

*PR Sample

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