Dames & Dimes Lime Salt Scrub

I’m very prescriptive when it comes to skincare, and while some people stick with one product until it is used up I like to flit between products, choosing the one which best suits my moods and needs at that moment. When it comes to bodycare for example I tend to reach for relaxing and indulgent scents at night, whereas during the day I love uplifting and refreshing blends such as the Lime Salt Scrub from Dames & Dimes.



Dames & Dimes specialises in making small batches of handmade natural skin care products and their Lime Salt Scrub (450g, £16)* provides the perfect start to your day with its clean, zesty scent. The generously sized scrub features a trio of Epsom Salts, Sea Salt and Dead Sea Salts to detoxify, cleanse and soothe, which along with hydrating Apricot Kernel Oil and Coconut Oil and the zingy natural fragrance of lime essential oil leaves the skin feeling nourished and replenished.

Whenever I’m feeling particularly sluggish or tired I reach for this scrub and along with sloughing away my dry, flaky skin it helps to banish any fatigue – it’s perfect for the morning after the night before, when you may be feeling a little bit worse for wear! The scrub feels cooling and tingly, helping to awaken my senses and making my skin glow, and the scent is delicious, reminiscent of a fresh mojito cocktail. After rinsing the almond and coconut oil leaves a thin veil of moisture on my skin, so that I don’t have to moisturise unless I really want to, yet it doesn’t leave my bath really greasy like some salt scrubs can.


I love the way this scrub features nothing but essential ingredients. No fillers, parabens, or synthetic colours and fragrance; just eight natural ingredients, each of which serve a purpose and leave your skin feeling fantastic! I also really like the quirky packaging that has a retro 1950s vibe but with a modern twist. I know a few Roller Derby players in particular that would love the design, which is so different from many other natural brands out there.

I’m very impressed with my first experience of Dames & Dimes. They seem to be a lovely company to do business with and they have clearly invested a lot time and love in their products. I can’t wait to see what further products they develop as their business grows!

You can shop for the Lime Salt Scrub, as well as exploring the rest of Dames & Dimes’ range here!

*PR Sample

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