Instant Effects

Instant Effects is a range of products that aim to solve three of the most common beauty problems; thin lips, short eyelashes and dark under eye circles. Developed by Richard Mears, who has 25 years experience in the beauty industry working alongside many well-known brands, Instant Effects is a brand with effectiveness at its core and all products have been proven through independent clinical trials.

I was kindly sent all three products to review so read on to find out how I got on.


The Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper (RRP £24.99)* is a clear gloss featuring moisture boosting Hyaluronic Acid that claims to boost the lip volume by 20% without the need for invasive treatments such as fillers. The effect which takes only 2 minutes can last for up to 4 days.

A push button on the base forces the gloss up and out on to the brush applicator, which I find to be much more hygienic than a traditional doe-foot applicator, and the lid screws on firmly to prevent the gloss drying out.

My before and after photo shows a definitive difference in my lips volume and smoothness following application however I found it only really effective as a temporary lip plumper and I didn’t notice any sort of long-lasting effect. Nevertheless as far as temporary lip volumisers go this one is effective and doesn’t sting or feel strange on the lips like some formulas do. I liked the fact that as well as making my lips fuller it also made them look healthier with a pinker colour.


Next up is the Instant Effects Instant Lash Volumiser (RRP £24.99)*, a lash volumiser that increases the thickness of your individual lashes by up to 20%. Continued usage gives up to 40% increase in thickness and a 20% increase in length in just 2 weeks.

The volumiser is a clear gel, which you apply as you would a mascara, and along with thickening the lashes it also helps condition and fortify them, resulting in less breakage. Being colourless you can wear the gel alone, or if you wish apply mascara over the top.

Again the photo below speaks volumes and you can really see how the lash volumiser really thickens and lengthens the lashes of my eye on the left, giving the eyes a wider, more awake look. My lashes certainly feel softer and look longer since using the product daily.

L – With Lash Volumiser & Instant Eye Lift, R – Without

The final product is the Instant Effects Instant Eye Lift (RRP £24.99)*, which is probably my favourite of the 3 products. Instant Eye Lift is a super serum containing soluble collagen that works with your own skin cells to stimulate collagen elastin and cellular regeneration. The result is a visible reduction in lines, wrinkles and puffiness, together with diminished dark circles.

The pump dispenser delivers just the right amount of serum to treat both eyes and the gel cream consistency is lightweight, non-greasy and very hydrating. The serum definitely brightened my under-eye area and reduced the fine lines (see photo above) and I loved the texture which was light and soothing.

You can buy Instant Effects products direct from the Instant Effects website or on popular online beauty retailers Beauty Expert and LookFantastic.

Have you tried Instant Effects before? If so did you see results?

*PR Sample

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